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The most precious assets in your organization are active, loyal staff. Select the appropriate business insurance to keep your employees safe, secure, and productive. We have got your back, allowing you to concentrate on business as usual by covering every employee and protecting your company's property with our company life insurance.

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Group Medical Insurance

The wellbeing of your staff, who are the backbone of any business, is essential to its success. with our group medical insurance,  w e will make sure that you and your employees have the appropriate policies that fit the expectations and needs of your group.

Group Life Insurance

The purpose of group life insurance is to provide protection for a number of people at once. Our company provides a comprehensive package under a single contract, protecting a number of people from unexpected death or accidents/illness.

Group Travel Insurance

Our corporate travel insurance plan protects the travel of your staff when it counts. As long as your group is traveling together, they may be used for traveling with friends, coworkers, and even extended family.

Business Property Insurance

With our business property insurance, you can be confident that we will safeguard you against any damage or loss. Whether it is a flood, a burglary, or a fire, you can be confident that our commercial property insurance coverage will protect your property.

Motor Fleet Insurance

A fleet insurance policy covers the entire fleet of vehicles owned by a company, a partner, or director, making it easy to maintain a single policy. We have customized motor fleet insurance with easy and adaptable options, from Complete to Third Party insurance.

General Accident Insurance

Our general accident corporate insurance plans defend you from every aspect of the financial risk you have to take for a profitable business; whether it is to protect your firm against integrity guarantee or jewelers block.

Hotel Comprehensive

"Hotel Comprehensive" is an all-in-one hotel insurance plan including property, interruption of business, fidelity, money, electronics, broken machinery, legal responsibility to other parties, items in transit, a drop in stock prices, and workers' compensation.

Marine Insurance

From coverage for goods to cover equipment to coverage for the ship's body, we offer a variety of marine insurance solutions that are tailored to the needs of the cruise line, private boat and maritime company.

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