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If you are looking for a top HR software in Dubai, you are in the right place. Our HRMS software Dubai is exactly what you need to enhance your HR processes. Automate, integrate, and streamline your business with our support.

Payroll – WPS

Time & Attendance

HR Management

Employee Self-Service

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Cloud Based Payroll connect hr

Cloud Based Payroll

Automate important processes and free your human resources from monotonous duties. Wages Protection System simplifies your payroll (WPS).

HR Management Connect HR

HR Management

All of your HR needs can be automated with the help of an all-in-one HR cloud management solution.

Insurance Connect ME


We provide a platform for you and employees to access your insurance policy like never before.

Employee Benefits Connect ME

Employee Self Service

The ConnectHR Cloud solution enables your team to have exceptional access to work, financial, and medical benefits meant to improve their well-being, productivity, and more

Automate Your HRMS Software With Our All in One Platform

Our HRMS software UAE allows managers to have every HR process in just one platform. Therefore, with a couple of clicks they can send payroll payments, manage leaves, attendance, performance, and so much more. Thanks to our HR software in UAE, managers will be able to sync payroll and HR records seamlessly.


Easy Manage HRMS Software UAE

Our HRMS software in Dubai has a friendly interface that will let you customize certain areas according to your needs. Additionally, you can manage your processes from anywhere in the world due to our HR management software. Streamline your processes and be more productive with our support.

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Simple tools,
powerful effects


Effectively manage your employees and organize all of your HR data.

Simple tools,
powerful effects


Automate, simplify, and streamline your business payroll procedures.

Simple tools,
powerful effects

Leave Management

Keep track of, manage, and record your employees’ leave days.

Simple tools,
powerful effects

Time & Attendance

Keep record of employees’ time and attendance using geolocation tracking.

Simple tools,
powerful effects

Shift Management

Create and manage employees’ shifts effortlessly.

Simple tools,
powerful effects

Multi Level Approvals

Save time and effort by getting multiple approvals in one place.


Companies can automate their HR procedures, provide employees with up-to-date information, and make smarter business decisions.


Our software aids different industries in enhancing the employee experience while boosting productivity and achieving growth.


Discover the perks of HR & Payroll software and how to choose the best one for your business.


Manage Employee Data In One Platform

Manage all of your staff’s data, documents, and records in one safe location that is accessible from anywhere, indexed, and expandable. Get alerts when certain documents are about to expire, receive notice of milestone anniversaries, and so much more. We make it simple to compile and analyze worker input data, giving HR and managers useful information.


Track and Review Employee Goals With Ease

Our HRMS Software enables you to effortlessly track attendance, maintain records, and seamlessly integrate it with human resources functions, payroll administration, and perks. Forget laborious recording, syncing problems, and spreadsheet crashes thanks to HRMS software in UAE. With us, you can review your employees’ performance. Consequently, allowing you to create strategies to increase productivity or giving you data to celebrate certain milestones.

ConnectHR | 25 Employees

Employee Benefits

The ConnectHR HRMS Cloud solution enables your team to have exceptional access to work, financial, and medical benefits meant to improve their well-being, productivity, and commitment, as well as to provide and international employee experience.

  • Claim Reimbursements online.
  • Apply for leave online.
  • Documents in 1 place.
  • Visa processing

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Why Choose Connect HR Management Software?


Improve your employees’ engagement by offering them our cutting-edge medical coverage and benefits options through our software.


Keep track of the history, allowance, leave requests, and any overlaps.


Using our Connect HR app, allow your personnel to check in from their mobile devices.


Establish measurable, reachable goals for your workers, and provide them timely feedback.


Enhance the payroll and bookkeeping process with our HR management software.

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