Leave encashment in UAE

Leave encashment is a type of compensation given to employees who are unable to use their time off due to unforeseen circumstances. With our HR and payroll software, employees can obtain their fair leave encashment in UAE.
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Taxation on leave encashment

An employee may be allowed to include leave encashment as an element of their remuneration package under the tax laws. In most cases, leave encashment consists of an additional payment made by the company in place of accrued but unused leave time. These should be liable for taxation if any of them turn into wages.
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Leave encashment received during service

The entire sum of a leave encashment received by an employee while they are still working qualifies as taxable income and counts in their earnings from salary. This means that, if they are still working for the company, this leave encashment counts as part of the wage and it will be taxed.


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Loan Management

Leave encashment at the time of termination

On the other hand, the leave encashment can be received at the time of termination. Depending on the employee's category, the taxes of leave encashment paid after retirement or resignation may vary. For instance, government workers’ leave encashment is exempt from tax. However, for non-government workers, encashment is partly taxable.

Leave Encashment Calculation

The employee's income and the amount of leftover leave days are typically taken into account when determining how much leave can be redeemed under the policy. The maximum amount of days that may be redeemable under the policy is frequently set by the employer and can depend on elements like managing resources and the workforce and making sure that the company continues to operate effectively. The employer decides if a worker qualifies for leave encashment.

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Payout for Unused Vacation Days:


The payout for accrued vacation days go at a regular pay rate.


Most companies offer different alternatives to provide leave encashment. It can be via direct deposits, checks, cash, or installment payments.


Bank-to-bank transfers are the most common option for large sums.


Installment payments can be ideal if the employee is still working within the company when requesting leave encashment.


The time frame for this payment is usually within a week or 21 days.

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