Performance Management

The ability to improve performance and enhance employee potential to advance more to both personal and organizational goals is made possible by performance management features.


We help to simplify
HR and Payroll Management

Goal Settings

Get thousands of payrolls processed with just one click and view them all in your screen. Create the payrolls you want to generate and with just one tap you’re done.


Within the system, goals are directly proposed and negotiated. Managers may see the status of their goal-negotiation process for all workers at review time. They may see the development toward success. Easily customized workforce to manage the procedures, approvals, and signoffs.

Appraisal Plans

Make assessment strategies, develop surveys and interviews, set the date for the evaluation, and conduct recurring evaluations. Self-evaluation is also an option for employees.

Multiple Appraisal Methods

The employee has the option of evaluating himself as well as their colleagues. To achieve a transparent outcome, the manager can also evaluate and organize meetings for each employee.


Companies can automate their HR procedures, provide employees with up-to-date information, and make smarter business decisions.


Our software aids different industries in enhancing the employee experience while boosting productivity and achieving growth.


Discover the perks of HR & Payroll software and how to choose the best one for your business.

Employee Reviews

Reports can be saved online along with a copy of the data that was present at the time the report was run. Reports that have been saved can also be utilized for compliance and auditing needs.

Automated Reminders

We provide automatic reminders, which can enhance employee performance by preventing them from accidentally missing any important appointments.

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Our all-in-one HR & payroll software allows you to:

Run payrolls quickly and efficiently which helps you pay your employees faster.

Manage your leave requests, allowances, and history, as well as any overlaps.

Enhance your employees’ experience with our cutting-edge benefits and health insurance solutions, which can be accessed immediately.

Create attainable and trackable goals for your staff and provide timely feedback.

Allow employees to check-in and check-out from their smartphones.

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