5 HR automation trends to watch this decade

HR automation trends

Thanks to the progress of technology within Human Resources departments, process changes are occurring. HR automation trends allow for progress toward better processing and management on this team. Therefore, an organization that does not join these trends will be stuck in old and inefficient processes.

In this article, you will be able to see what are the trends that you should be aware of in the coming years. In addition, you will be able to know each of the benefits that you will obtain with automation and the challenges to face. Let us see:

1. What is Human Resources automation?

2. Are there any benefits of automation?

3. What are the HR automation trends to watch in this decade?

4. What are the challenges of Human Resources automation?

5. How can we help you with HR automation trends?


1. What is Human Resources automation?


This is the use of software to digitize all processes in this department. Thus, this department can perform repetitive tasks that take a lot of execution time, in an automated way. Tasks you can digitize include employee onboarding, payroll, and benefits management, among others.

In this way, your HR management can spend the time saved on more important strategic tasks for your business. Also, these procedures help businesses improve efficiency and reduce errors, among other benefits.

HR automation trends arose as a solution to the huge paperwork and lengthy processes that take time away from that department. Therefore, automation is ideal if the human capital management of your business involves a lot of this work.


2. Are there any benefits of automation?

HR automation trends, which are continually being updated, offer multiple benefits to the companies that apply them. Among these benefits are:

2.1 Increase efficiency

The traditional document processing methods involved in Human Resources management take too much time. Also, errors are very common and there can be delays in procedures for various reasons. Therefore, an important advantage is the efficiency that an automated process brings, due to digitization.

In this way, you will have a more productive HR system, so you can focus on the most important thing in a business, people. For example, you can focus on improving communication, company culture, and people practices.

2.2 Allows better data analysis

Thanks to HR automation you will have the ability to collect and analyze all the data you need. Thus, you will also be able to detect relevant information for any process, in addition to creating reports based on it. Therefore, you can act on the results obtained and improve processes, in addition to correcting any problems.

2.3 Error reduction

HR automation trends also help greatly reduce errors in processing. Manual handling of processes such as payroll, and verification of hours worked, among others, increase the probability of mistakes. Also, digital processing allows procedures to be faster and with fewer errors.

2.4 Enables better collaboration

Automated HR management allows a clearer view of each of the stages of all processes. Therefore, each of those involved can understand the responsibilities of the others, improving communication and collaboration.

2.5 A better experience for workers and applicants

Another benefit of HR automation trends is an overall better experience for those aspiring to work at your company. With free time, HR in your organization can establish a more appropriate and friendly contact. Likewise, your employees benefit from the self-service that digitization allows.

For example, they can quickly obtain permits, expense reports, and benefits tracking, among others.

2.6 Cost reduction

When a company decides to automate Human Resources processes, it can save costs by reducing expenses on paperwork. Traditional methods involve printing various documents, as well as creating records of them and physically storing them. In addition, you will not have to use large storage spaces and you will be able to locate them easily.

2.7 Transparent processes

With the proper handling of the automation process, you will get better task clarity and clear role definition. For example, workers can submit expense reports or other related reports. Also, if your business is established in multiple locations, you will be able to have a standardized and consistent process in each location.



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3. What are the HR automation trends to watch in this decade?

HR automation trends are allowing an improvement in the processes carried out by this department. As well, technology is what drives all this development, due to the advantages that all advances provide. Among these trends, the most outstanding are:

3.1 Emerging technologies

The use of technology within Human Resources, more than a preference, has become a necessity. Furthermore, these resources have led to a gradual transformation of processes within that department. In this case, Artificial Intelligence and Robotic Process Automation (RPA), facilitate HR tasks.

For example, RPA allows you to track recruitment methods including:

  • Update the applicant tracking system.
  • Create an employee record.
  • Compile the necessary documentation, among others.

A growing trend is the use of chatbots, which allow users to perform self-service, making their lives much easier. This can also be used by employees or candidates to interact with your company. When implemented properly, this technology allows for fast problem solving and response.

Likewise, chatbots can help update simple information and modify employee data. This system can simplify HR management by freeing your department from repetitive tasks.

Similarly, AI helps simplify employee recruitment processes, helping to find the best candidate. This tool allows:

  • Filter resumes efficiently.
  • Shorten the list of applicants according to the requirements.
  • Establish interview schedules.
  • Collect data from these interviews.
  • Manage new hires, among others.

These systems also help improve the employee experience, as they can manage benefits, compensation, rewards, etc. They also help in making faster and smarter decisions.

3.2 Cloud-based HR system

The business world has seen an increase in remote work since the COVID-19 situation, although it was already being implemented. Many companies are offering their employees in certain areas the opportunity to work remotely. Likewise, many workers ask their companies for the opportunity to work in this way.

Therefore, cloud-based HR software is a useful tool for those companies that offer this type of employment. In addition, this resource allows people management processes to be faster and easier to carry out. Of course, it is ideal for these tools to be integrated into what employees use every day.

In this way, these tools allow:

  1. Your Human Resources department accesses employee data quickly and can act as needed.
  2. Employees have better control over their data.
  3. Companies value the productivity, commitment, and well-being of their employees.

3.3 Virtual incorporation

Within HR automation trends, virtual employee onboarding is gaining popularity for the advantages it offers. For example, this procedure can save you the costs involved in this entire process. Furthermore, experts agree that the use of virtual reality improves training.

One idea that is beginning to be implemented is virtual tours of company facilities. This way, new employees can get a feel for the work environment before they even visit your company. Of course, this is only part of what technology can do, which continues to advance this topic.

3.4 Recruitment

The technology applied to HR management, in terms of the recruitment process, allows these to be reinforced. In this sense, modernizing many of the procedures involved helps the applicant have a better experience. Automation, for example, can eliminate bias that may exist at the time of the hiring process of a company.

In this case, this bias is not necessarily intentional, as it may be inadvertent. For this reason, Artificial Intelligence (AI) helps Human Resources departments to minimize the effects of this particular problem. This is thanks to a more objective assessment by the AI, based on the abilities of the applicant.

Therefore, Artificial Intelligence can search through all the applicants and predict the more suitable candidates. Also, the HR team can program the tool to ignore the information related to race, gender, and age. Then, your company must improve their recruitment strategies to give equal opportunities for everyone.

Therefore, the best way to take advantage of these technologies is with proper evaluation and planning. In this way, you will be able to create much more modern and productive HR processes within your organization.

3.5 Improve communication between Human Resources and employees

Another HR automation trends that businesses must look for are soft skills training software. In this case, it is about those that help improve communication, teamwork, and individual work of each employee in your company. You can also integrate into this software the process of monitoring the performance of each of your workers.

A company that wants to have the best overall and individual performance must be constantly analyzing productivity. Business organizations are constantly reviewing to have more specific and detailed control.

On the other hand, job applicants seek specific work experience to develop their skills. For this reason, people are reassessing their circumstances and valuing more than just job perks. Most companies are considering the welfare of their employees within their business plans.

Indeed, with the use of survey software, an HR department can better understand its employees. Thanks to this, you can focus on the personalized management of individual and group needs. Similarly, the business culture of today requires employees to be involved in making certain decisions.

This is another one of the HR automation trends that a company should anticipate. This is because employees want to know more about how companies are run.


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4. What are the challenges of HR automation?

Although HR automation trends are offering benefits, there are also challenges to be faced. For example, many tasks involve emotional intelligence and soft skills that can only be achieved through human interaction. Although the digitization of the HR system allows for momentum, the team must prepare for the challenges that come with it.

Among the challenges you may face with HR automation are:

4.1 Redefinition of roles

When implementing an HR automation process, you may need to redefine some of these roles. You should also consider the lack of technological knowledge of some of the team members.

4.2 Integration with other processes and structures

Most software used in process automation can be focused on specific processes. Therefore, it can be a bit difficult to integrate it with other technological structures that are in use.

4.3 Security risks

All digitized processes include the collection of large amounts of data, which can be vulnerable. In addition, there must be clarity as to how this data is used so that there are no problems.

4.4 It can take time

The automation of an HR system requires the restructuring of certain aspects that the department handles. For example, personnel management rules, performance management, and recruitment, among others. The training process for all these topics requires time, resources, and experimentation.

4.5 It affects the entire workforce

Many of the services that HR provides relate to the interaction and provision of services to the workforce. Therefore, when embarking on automation, your workers must receive appropriate training.


5. How can we help you with HR automation trends?

Thanks to the use of technology, Human Resources processes have improved, allowing them to be more productive. A company must be aware of the proper use of this technology to obtain the best benefits. However, the challenges they have to face, although they seem difficult, can be easily faced.

Our organization can provide you with the best human resources services including their automation. We also offer software solutions to cover all the needs of your human resources department, such as leave management, attendance, and employee benefits, among others. Likewise, we can help you with your payroll management to simplify this process for your business.



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