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Cigna Insurance

Cigna (Zurich Insurance ME)

Receive the support you need for your insurance needs with Cigna (Zurich Insurance ME). With Connect HR, you can obtain the insurance assistance for your team easily!

Languages supported

Arabic, English

Regions supported

Middle East

Industries served

Technology, Health, Finance, Real Estate

Company Profile

Global health services provider Cigna Corporation is committed to assisting people in enhancing their sense of security, health, and wellness. for a more than 200-year history, Cigna is dedicated to keeping its pledge to be there for clients, individuals, and authorities all around the world when it comes to providing medical treatment, clinical oversight, and wellness initiatives. Through its regional office in Dubai and locally regulated subsidiaries, Cigna has been operating in the MENA area for more than 20 years. Providing services to the GCC and Lebanon. The business offers wellness and health services to local residents, businesses, and governments.

As a part of the Cigma coporation, one of the biggest insurance organizations around the globe with over 185 million clients, Cigna Insurance Middle East provides top notch insurance solutions.

Cigna combines their knowledge and experience as a global insurance company with local expertise. This, in order to provide the best customer service in the area.

This company carefully constructs insurance plans and wellness packages to deliver the affordability and quality that their clients are used to. As a result, they are able to cover their clients’ unique needs.

Cigna Insurance Middle East provides flexible and comprehensive health insurance support. They customize plans according to the customer and their staff provide their multilingual support at all times.

Their services include:

  • Local health solutions
  • Global health support

Services of Company

Everyone's primary priority needs to be their health. At Cigna, they give their customers the tools they need to better manage their health so they may reach their health objectives. Maintaining good health can be challenging, particularly when dealing with behavioral problems like stress, lack of exercise, and sleep deprivation. As well as physiological difficulties like obesity, diabetes, and chronic diseases.

Their services include:

  • Family Insurance
  • Personal insurance
  • Life insurance
  • Maternity care
  • Mental health care and more

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