Employment certificate UAE: Know All About It

employment certificate UAE

Today, credentials rule the world because we are in a globalized and competitive environment. In the large busy city of UAE, an employment certificate UAE shows as a golden key that opens doors to new opportunities and careers. It is more than just a paper, it can be deemed as proof of your abilities, capacities and devotion that proves to be very important for getting through Emirati job market.

In this article, we will shed light on all aspects of obtaining an employment certificate UAE and provide you with a guide to landing one yourself. Along the way from understanding its inner nature to acquiring it, we will be your guide throughout this.

What is employment certificate UAE?

employment certificate UAE Essentially, it is an official document from your current or previous employer that proves to be a verified record of the employment history. It outlines the name, job description, employment dates, range of salary, and duties performed. Imagine it as a professional portrait, presenting your skills and background to prospective recruiting companies, immigration officials or even in courts of cases at times.

  • The employment certificate UAE is not only a formality. Consider how you would apply for a new post without any reference or proof of past accomplishments.
  • For employers, these certificates serve as a medium to judge your competence and qualification for the position.
  • Also, in the case of visa applications, an employment certificate UAE becomes one of your documents demonstrating you once worked and have legal rights to do it again.

Where can I get an experience certificate?

In the UAE, you need to ask for an employment certificate UAE from your employer in order to get one. The employer should print it on the company letterhead and seal it with an official stamp. Moreover, Arabic, English or both languages might be necessary to write the certificate based on its requirements. The certificate should also be authenticated by MOFAIC or the concerned embassy/consulate, if required.

For current employees, the path is clear:

  • Quickly find your nearest HR office. They are your go-to guides for all things employment-related, including issuing your coveted certificate of employment.
  • Simply submit a written request, outlining your reason for needing the document, and sit back while the HR team works its magic.
  • They will gather the necessary information, verify your details, and stamp your passport to professional success – your experience certificate UAE.

But what if you have moved on to greener pastures? You can still claim your rightful document.

  • Reach out to your former employer’s HR department, just like in your previous role. They will likely guide you through their process, which might involve online requests or emailing specific forms.
  • Following this, clear communication is key – politely explain your need and provide any relevant details they might require.

In any case, be prepared to offer some supporting documents. These might include copies of your employment contract, salary slips, or ID cards. Some companies might even have their own internal procedures, so do not hesitate to ask for clarification.

How can I get work experience certificate in UAE?

Whether you are still employed or have moved on, reach out to your respective HR department. For current employees, a simple written request outlining your need for the certificate should suffice. Former employees might need to follow specific procedures, which the HR team will happily explain. Online portals or dedicated email addresses are becoming increasingly common, so check if your company offers these digital shortcuts.

Also, you must:

  • Prepare your documents. Assemble copies of your employment contract, salary slips, and ID cards are usually the standard team, but be ready to adjust based on your company’s requirements. Clarity is key, so do not hesitate to ask if anything’s unclear.
  • Patience is a virtue. Obtaining your experience certificate UAE might take a little time, depending on your company’s internal processes and any required government approvals. Trust that the HR team is weaving its magic behind the scenes, meticulously verifying your details and ensuring your document’s authenticity.
  • Lastly, receive your employment certificate UAE. Rejoice, for it is your official stamp of approval, a beacon of your expertise and experience. Depending on your company’s practices, you might receive it physically or electronically. Certain government authorities, like the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE), offer e-services platforms where you can request and even download your experience certificate UAE.

Is certificate of employment mandatory in UAE?

For visa applications, the answer is a resounding yes. Your employment certificate UAE vouches for your financial stability and past employment history. It is a fundamental requirement in obtaining work visas, residence permits and even family visas. If you do not have it, your visa application will remain stuck in the bureaucratic maze.

But what about job applications?

  • Though it is not necessarily mandatory, a certificate of employment can be a strong tool in your arsenal.
  • It illustrates your expertise, abilities, and history of results so that instead of an ordinary candidate you seem to be a really valuable one for such employers.
  • It is a visual resume, a reliable testament that abounds to your professional value.

However, exceptions exist. Employers may not require a certificate of employment for entry-level jobs or positions in fields. Furthermore, if you are a freelancer or entrepreneur, alternative documents could be contracts and income tax returns.

Beyond visas and jobs, the employment certificate UAE can be your trusty companion in legal proceedings. It acts as proof of income and employment, potentially strengthening your case in court or during loan applications.

So, while not always mandatory, the experience certificate UAE is a valuable asset to keep close. It is a shield against bureaucratic hurdles, a sword that cuts through the fog of uncertainty in job applications, and a trusty companion in unforeseen legal situations.


employment certificate UAE The employment certificate UAE is your professional DNA, a silent advocate that speaks volumes about your expertise. Cherish it, maintain it, and wield it with confidence – it is your passport to new ventures.

Leverage it for visa applications, impress potential employers, and navigate legal situations with ease. Remember, your professional journey is yours to define. With the knowledge in your hand and with an employment certificate UAE as a faithful companion, you are ready to seize success from any challenge that may come your way and earn rewards on the job market landscape.

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