10 Steps for a Holistic approach to Employee wellness


Businesses must take care of their workforce, after all, they are the foundation of every company. Likewise, a holistic approach to employee wellness is an important factor when it comes to their motivation and engagement. That is to say, your worker’s overall health can impact their performance, loyalty, and productivity at the workplace.

Most importantly, 60% of workers say that they would be more motivated and likely to recommend their company as a good work if the employers take measures to support their mental welfare.

In this article, you will learn everything about you should know holistic approach to wellness in the workplace. However, we will ensure you learn everything regarding to your employees’ mental health importance when it comes to their productivity. That is to say, make sure to learn the advantages of a well-fit workforce. Let’s observe:


  1. Employee wellbeing
  2. Establish a clear strategy
  3. Promote a culture of health
  4. Support and recognize mental health
  5. Properly manage the workplace environment
  6. Promote mental health
  7. Contribution to the company’s business goals
  8. Significance of their job
  9. Opportunities to use their strengths
  10. Relationship with supervisors
  11. What are the benefits of a healthy workplace?
  12. How can ConnectHR help you to create a healthy business environment in your company?


      1. Employee wellbeing

A worker wellbeing is more than physical. The CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development) states there are 5 areas of wellbeing:


  • Personal growth.
  • Work.
  • Health.
  • Principles/values.
  • Collective/social growth.

This model supports the idea that welfare is about more than just physical or mental health; however, it encompasses issues that affect mental and physical health. In addition, a CIPD survey found that the main advantages of companies focusing on their workers’ wellbeing were:


  • Better worker engagement and morale.
  • Lower sickness absence
  • A more inclusive and healthier culture.

There is no doubt that companies must support their employees’ comfort. In other words, what is the best approach?

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      2. Establish a Clear Strategy

Companies must have a clear strategy that establishes their holistic approach to employee wellness objectives and aligns them with their business goals. A business may want to control and influence benefit costs or absence, for instance, enhance worker engagement or import productivity. Pre-existing health-related business data may show where health risks are and focus the strategy.

The success of this program must be measured so its influence can actively support the company case and value investment.

The strategy must provide clear conduct, defining the wellbeing program’s delivery system and the objectives, ownership and responsibilities. However, here is a step-by-step list on how to set a clear strategy:


  1. Be clear with the goals you want to prioritize.
  2. Review the goals with your partners.
  3. Make your goals SMART: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely.
  4. Set your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators).
  5. Build some good habits to help you reach your goals.

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      3. Promote a Culture of Health

Companies must encourage a culture of health, wellbeing, open engagement towards the employees. In addition, a holistic approach to employee wellness promotes this practice with acceptance from all levels of management.

Certainly, businesses must nurture a supportive environment with efficient two-way communication with their workers to lead to change. This involves listening to the workforce to discover the barriers the have to living healthier lives and health concerns. You must set a regular employee-based communication about wellbeing issues.

For instance, you can use tools like social media to increase engagement. Similarly, positive engagement promotes inclusion along with communication. This places the business as a good employer, facilitating and supporting employees’ comfort rather than imposing these initiatives on staff.


      4. Support and recognize mental health

Mental ill-health and stress are two of the top reasons why employees ask for long-term sickness leaves, yet there are many stigmas around mental health in the XXI century. Likewise, research conducted by Willis Towers Watson (WTW) stated that 20% of all British employees are doubtful about colleagues that take time off due to mental health issues.

Companies can set sympathetic environment that enables mental issues to be tackled and identified before they can develop. Empathy training may help encourage good understanding about how to interact with fellow workers in a sensitive way. This training can include guidance for the company management about how to identify when the workers are struggling.

This training can also include how to recognize early symptoms of stress, changes in performance or behavior. In addition, links between emotional problems and minor illnesses and how to support the staff and the best approach in these cases.

Companies must grant the workforce with continuous support and solutions ranging from emotional resilience, mindfulness training, and counseling.

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      5. Properly manage the workplace environment

The work environment may have an impact on the workers’ mental and physical health, for that reason wellbeing programs must be adapted to have solutions for these challenges, as well as iffering workers’ demographics.

Health and business data can help the different programs to become more specialized to address known issues.  If the workplace is stressful, for instance, businesses could think if the workers are struggling or thriving to cope. If this is so, the source of stress must be identified and the proper adjustments must be made.

These adjustments can include giving workers the necessary tools and training to carry out their functions within the company. However, employee demographics are important. Certainly, 3.7 million workers will be aged between 50 and state pension age, therefore, wellness programs may include multi-generational workforce guidance.


      6. Promote Mental health

Companies must increasingly promote and engage human-centric health, a concept that makes workers needs’ the core of wellbeing programs.

Likewise, workers will behave in different ways, make different decisions, in relation to their mental health. Considering lifestyle and health decisions employees take, and the motivation for them (science of behavioral economics). In other words, a holistic approach to employee wellness may help companies to positively impact them.

Worker segmentation by key factors that influence their personal decisions can be supported by targeted and specified communication strategies to promote meaningful behavioral change and preventive health issues. Such measures may range, for instance, from reducing alcohol intake and stopping smoking, to the adoption of mental resilience techniques, and dietary changes or more regular exercise.


      7. Contribution to the Company’s Business Goals

Understanding how their efforts are influencing the big picture may help the worker to feel like they are part of the team, this leads to a considerable sense of accomplishment and provide clarity of purpose.

However, transparency about the business goals must begin with management and then the entire staff. The company must ensure all company leaders are aware of the wider objectives so individual and team goals can extent to achieving the target. Setting S.M.A.R.T goals that can be calculated and a holistic approach to employee wellness will help workers to stay focused, engaged and motivated.

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      8. Significance of their job

All employees want to feel like their job makes a positive impact. That is to say, 75% of Gen Zs and 70% of older generations think that jobs must have a greater purpose than just making money.

Companies must find the way to connect their employees’ jobs to greater goods, if it means solving problems with unprecedented products, focusing on the best customer service, or amplifying your social security program. Contemplate the idea of donating a percentage of your profits to charity, offering paid time off for volunteer days, and matching employee donations.

However, contemplate donating a percentage of your net profits to charity, matching employee donations and offering paid time off for volunteer days.

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      9. Opportunities to use their strengths

It totally makes sense that workers are happier to do the type of jobs that energizes them. In addition, the types that bring uniqueness and experience to their job. To entirely use those strong points, the employers need to familiarize themselves with the preferences and past experiences of their employees.

However, you can use plans to provide a straightforward and simply way to reveal the worker’s own behavioral preferences and thinking. The holistic approach to employee wellness can also give you a better picture of their preferences as well as understanding their strengths. This awareness allows companies to give good opportunities to their workers to do a stressless job.


      10. Relationship with supervisors

This aspect of work is one of the top 10 of consideration. Immediate supervisors set the tone for their workers’ experiences. Does the immediate supervisor assume a positive position? Do they welcome feedback? Do they delegate? Not all supervisors get what they must do to set a positive tone.

The culture that a business creates directly has relevance to the role the manager assumes. If companies construct a positive environment where it is expected to get support, elevate and bring out the best in each other. It is more likely that the employee/supervisor relationship will be of mentorship and trust.

You must consider how your business is doing in these 10 areas. Consider where improvements can be done? What can you do in the short term, and what can be done to improve your long-term planning? And how you can influence your company and employee wellness?

These programs in the workplace must include plans such as health plans and stimulants for a healthier lifestyle. Certainly, you can think outside the box and find ways to improve a holistic approach to employee wellness and support the mental health of your workforce.

Creating a healthy workspace environment will translate to comfort to your employees, in addition, a holistic approach to employee wellbeing will boost the workers’ retention and performance. That is to say, you must have in mind that the word ‘healthy’ includes much more than eating nutritional snacks and physical activity.


      11. What are the benefits of a healthy workplace?

A thriving corporate culture is more than just creating a great place to work. Company culture defines the success of the organization. It may sound like a no-brainer, but it’s more challenging than you might think to create a vibrant company atmosphere.

Create a Culture of Investment: healthy company culture leads to a loyal and invested workforce. Here is a list of ideal features that is employee-focused:


  • Creative.
  • Recognition centered.
  • Risk positive
  • Holistic.
  • Communicative.

Create a healthier workforce: you cannot ensure that all employees are stress-free every day. However, a positive workplace is one of the most important factors in the success of a company. A study by Behavioral Science and Policy in 2017 stated that workers were 50% more likely to experience health difficulties in a stressful or uneasy work environment.

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Increase worker retention: A study by the Work Institute reported in 2020 affirms that voluntary turnover of workers has increased by 88% since 2010. that voluntary turnover of employees in the U.S. has increased by 88 percent since 2010. Almost ¼ of the workers interviewed said that managerial behavior and work-life balance were the culprits.

Higher profits: a healthy business culture influences the bottom line. A study by IBM revealed that businesses with a positive workplace doubled the sales and had significant returns. Companies that put their workers over profits are rewarded properly. Likewise, workers who are positive about their work experience move towards a greater good of their organization.

More importantly, it may take investment, but the result is a better functioning business with a healthier financial outcome.


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