Why do you need an automated attendance management system?

Why do you need an automated attendance management system_

Companies grow when their employees reach their full potential and work to the best of their abilities. At the same time, a company that implements new ways to track its workers’ attendance can surely benefit from enhanced reputation and profitability. This is where an attendance management system comes into the scene: a process that will help your business keep an organized and punctual workforce.

In this article, you will learn everything about the attendance management system, its types, features, benefits, considerations to choose the one that best suits your business, and how our firm can help you implement these systems in your company.


    1. What is an attendance management system?
    2. Types of attendance management systems
    3. What are the features of time attendance software?
    4. How to choose an attendance system?
    5. Benefits of employee attendance systems
    6. Problems with manual attendance management
    7. Why do you need automated attendance management software?
    8. How can Connect HR help you implement this system in your company?



1. What is an attendance management system?


By definition, this employee management system refers to a company’s approach to tracking employee time and attendance information. Proper time management, tracking, and attendance system help you save effort in calculating your employees’ working hours. It also helps minimize decreases in productivity.

With this software, employers can keep track of employees’ report timing, especially in cases of non-exempt employees who need to be present at all times to serve customers.

An effective workforce management strategy must include attendance and time management software along with payroll software/hardware, and self-service functions. This combination can ease the burden of both employees and managers by allowing workers to submit time-off requests, log hours, and clock in or out even while working remotely.


2. Types of attendance management systems

Several payroll and HR software solutions come equipped with attendance management capabilities. However, there are different types of attendance management systems and each one of them is unique and has its own features. You can know more about the importance of these systems for your organization here. Now, let us take a look at the types of AMS:


2.1 Biometric attendance software

In essence, a biometric attendance software verifies the worker’s identity and captures their time of entry and exit using his or her fingerprint. This system is very popular among companies and for very good reasons. It prevents any chance of buddy punching which leads to time leakages that will affect the organization and productivity of your business.

Biometric systems are, generally, constituted by other systems to transform data into lucid reports. This software is also extremely cost-effective since there are no-cost heads apart from the actual biometric machine itself.

Removing or adding employees into the system is also a very easy and quick process, with minimum inconvenience.


2.2 Break-time tracking software

Many companies decide to track the duration of the break taken by employees. For these companies, break-time tracking software is just what they need. With this software, workers can punch in and out several times throughout the day.

The first punch-in is noted as the entry into the company premises. Thereafter, every punch-out and punch-in is noted as a break from work. The time-lapse between every punch-out and punch-in is noted as one break.

This type of system is often used in companies where the time spent on projects is critical.


2.3 Online attendance management software

A track-timing system that offers a web login facility is known as online attendance management software. This system uses cloud technology to ensure that every employee’s data can be accessed from any location with an internet connection.

Employees can log out and log in with ease, at the simple click of a button, a convenience that many companies expect and wish for in the digital age we live in. This system can also be helpful when a big part of your workforce is working remotely, in outbound sales roles, or at client locations.



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3. What are the features of time attendance software?

Every minute of efficiency matters. An attendance management system makes it easy for employers to keep track of the workers’ responsibilities and punctuality. However, in order to do that, there are a few features your system must include. These are:


3.1 Clocking in and out capabilities

Manual cards can be inefficient, bulky, and prone to making mistakes. Instead, reliable attendance management includes a system for employees to clock in and out, as well as request time off, and even take lunch breaks. Having these features in one place makes it easier for your workers to comply with their time card responsibilities.


3.2 Payroll integration

When you have to prepare the payroll process, your attendance software must be able to easily and quickly integrate with your payroll software. This is in order to use the information on the hours your employee worked so it can properly calculate their pay.


3.3 Employee leave management

As mentioned above, a proper employee attendance system should allow workers to request time off. Whether we are talking about sick days, vacations, or parental leave. A solid system can fulfill all this.


3.4 Cloud support

Local information storage is long gone. Instead, you should opt for a system that is integrated with cloud storage. In this way, the important matters of your company are all in one place that you and your employees can easily access when needed.


3.5 Attendance tracking

Lastly, as an employer, you will want to keep track of when your workers are in and if they missed a shift. Your attendance management system should notify you when an employee does not show up for work.

It is important to note that good attendance software should simplify the process of recording time and attendance. With features like those shown above, you will be able to keep tabs on your team while remaining efficient in other areas too.


4. How to choose an attendance system?

Before you choose an attendance management system, check the following considerations:


4.1 A system easy to use

Choosing a complicated system can hinder your company’s processes, instead of facilitating them. For this reason, it is of utter importance that the system you choose is simple and user-friendly.

It should ease the cerebral pain of following your employees’ registration every day. The less complex the arrangement is, the more proficient your company and workers are.


4.2 Time-tracking options

Your attendance software should allow you to follow every single one of your employees, especially the individuals who are working in the field. With the rise of remote teams, this angle has become an important part of companies. Be sure to pay special attention to this feature, as it will permit you to screen your workers’ everyday execution successfully.


4.3 Real-time attendance reports

The capacity of announcing is crucial when choosing an attendance management system. Whether you have a couple of employees or a major staff, you should choose software products that will genuinely allow you to track who is working, who is doing extra time, who has arrived behind schedule at the workplace, etc.

It will allow the HR department to create an execution survey of every worker. This can be useful during the hour of yearly evaluation and execution reward.


4.4 Notifications: Keep your employees in the loop

Your system should notify your employees about missed check-ins and check-outs. Besides, it should also notify them about their paid leaves, so this decreases the weight of the HR department. These notifications help maintain discipline and organization among your workers. Having healthy HR software keeps your employees motivated.


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5. Benefits of employee attendance systems


Having this employee attendance system allows you to perform several activities beneficial for your company. Some are the following:


5.1 Help maintain accuracy

Making mistakes is a natural aspect of life. However, having this system allows you to limit the expensive and unavoidable mistakes with the manual information section. This information also assists you with giving precise execution and finance information.


5.2 Cost-effective

This software saves you money by managing the inaccuracy of the work. You do not have to repeat a task if it takes care of it on its own.


5.3 Increased productivity

Observing attendance physically can be an arduous, tedious, and costly undertaking. It also requires some investment to deal with time cards, paper sheets, additional time, approved leaves, and making finance physically.

This mechanized system does everything for you, from monitoring representative hours to bringing data into your financial system. The time and the effort saved combined with precise information help streamline the utilization of assets, leading to expanded efficiency and further development of benefits.


5.4 Easy to preview/review attendance

With a few clicks, you can create a detailed report on hours worked, additional time, and unlucky deficiencies. Also, get a month-to-month synopsis report for any bunches/information inside the company. Directors can use graphical perspectives on the report to get a simple and speedy comprehension of attendance information.

With an incorporated, precise attendance information center point, the HR department can develop their work manner on hours, leave, work culture, pay, execution, and so forth, in order to empower them to create a better-organized work environment.


5.5 Workflow management

An attendance management software can facilitate the process of leaves, payroll, and execution audits. Notices are automated, and the HR department can support demands for extra time, early takeoff, and so on.

With computerized attendance, the executive’s system can assist with effectively monitoring shift trades, overseeing plans, and even taking care of responsibilities, assets, and financial plans.


6. Problems with manual attendance management


6.1 Time theft

This term is used when an employee accepts work they have not done, or for the time they have not put into work. Many companies with manual attendance systems cannot control the payroll which can cost up to 5% leakage in payroll expenses.

If you use manual attendance systems like timesheets or punch cards, you cannot prevent time theft. It is easy for employees to manually record time by using another punch card. This practice is called buddy punching and is very common among large companies.


6.2 Reporting

The biggest disadvantage of manual systems is the unavailability of dynamic reporting. The use of dynamic reports allows the concerned person/department access to the most up-to-date data and conducts several analyses that help to optimize workforce management and planning.


6.3 Human error

When you use timesheets and punch cards, human error can occur. There may be instances when workers fail to enter the hours correctly or the information may be entered incorrectly into a payroll program.

Consequently, the HR department needs to correct incorrect entries that will increase inefficiency and costs. In addition to this, missed or incorrect entries could also lead to inaccurate salaries and other payroll issues.


7. Why do you need automated attendance management software?

Choosing to work with automated attendance management can provide many benefits, such as 100% accuracy as well as saving time and money. By eliminating inaccuracies, the management software can reduce expenses. On the other side, human error can result in false check-ins, incorrect time reports, underpayments, tardiness, and overpayment which affects the overall performance of the company.


8. How can Connect HR help you implement this system in your company?

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