How to select the best document management system?

How to select the best document management system_

The days of paper storage are over, and a good digital document management system is vital to any kind of business. In fact, the success of your company will be highly influenced by storing your important documentation electronically and securely. However, choosing the right document system can be difficult if you are a new entrepreneur. We will show you everything you need to know about this management system.

In this article you will learn about the types of document management, the considerations to choose the best one, the features of this management, and how we can help you with this procedure.


      1. What is a document management system?

      1. Types of document management systems

      1. How to select the best DMS systems?

      1. Features of document management software

      1. What is the cost of document control software?

      1. Benefits of using a document management system

    1. How can Connect HR help you with your document management system?


1. What is a document management system?

In essence, a document management system (DMS) is an electronic filing cabinet your company can use to organize all digital and paper documents. Any hard copies of documents can also be uploaded into the management system with a scanner. This system allows you to insert tags and metadata that you can use to organize any kind of stored business in any kind of industry.

Most DMS systems have a built-in wear engine, which allows users to easily navigate even the most extensive libraries to find the right document. You can also store sensitive documents, the DMS systems have permission settings, ensuring that only the appropriate personnel can access that information.

Choosing the right document management system starts with properly assessing your company’s needs. The first decision you have to make is whether you want a cloud-based solution or an on-premises solution. Each type of system offers the same functionality, however, there are some differences in the way data is stored and maintenance is performed.


2. Types of document management systems

If you want to start using a document management system, you will have to choose between cloud-based software and on-premises software.


2.1 On-premises document management system

This type of management requires you to use your own storage and servers, which means you will be in charge of maintenance. You will also be in charge of the security of all your data, so you must back everything up. This option is viable for large companies with dedicated IT resources. However, it also places you in total control of the system.


    • Pros: The biggest advantage of this system is the fact that you will not rely on anyone else to keep it running, since you will have total control. You will not need the internet either, even if you are not connected, you will still have access to all of your documents.


    • Cons: The downside is the large upfront costs. In addition to this, you must take care of the backup system, since your files are not automatically saved in the cloud. Another disadvantage is that not every self-hosted system is compatible with Mac and Windows computers. Most of them are compatible with only one.


2.2 Cloud-based document management system

This type of management software is hosted by your system’s provider and is accessible to your company online. Cloud-based solutions, generally, have an annual or monthly fee, which includes all maintenance and software updates. Depending on the system and features you require, the cost for a cloud-based platform can range from a few Dirhams to more than a hundred per month.


    • Pros: The main advantage is that you do not need to hire an IT team to install the software and keep it running. Also, there are no upfront costs. You can also access the systems from anywhere with an internet connection. And you will not need to back up your files since they are automatically saved in the cloud.


    • Cons: You rely on your provider to keep your system functioning. If your vendor has a problem with its data center, you may not be able to access your files until the situation is resolved. In addition to this, if your internet connection fails, you will not have access to your documents. Cloud solutions also have storage limits.


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3. How to select the best DMS systems?

Some considerations you must take into account to select a document management system are the following:


3.1 Security

When you choose a document system or a company to work with, be sure to check out the security features of your potential DMS and the security methods of the company that’s providing the system to you. Especially, if they are hosting it on your behalf.

Some questions you must ask about digital security involve encryption, employee access to digital information and data, internal and external network transmission procedures, and the subcontractors used.

Also, if you are using a third party for cloud storage, ask for details about the security procedures used. This can include access to stored data centers, 24/7 monitoring records, use of encryption and passwords, use of multi-factor identification for employees, etc.


3.2 Capability and user experience

Not every document management system is created equal, so you need to define what your DMS is capable of and what you need to get done. Of course, the main objective is digital storage and access to records, but there are some differences and you need to establish the most important to you.

For example, if accessibility is a priority for you, then you must aim for an application that your employees can use easily. In the same way, if you think it is important the access of your employees to your records from their smartphones, you must make sure that the mobile application is easy to use and not glitchy or clunky.


3.3 Scalability

If your company grows, it is only logical that your DMS needs to grow along with it. So, when you choose a system, you should understand if it offers a plan of scalability.

If you are not planning to grow, then you do not need to worry, what you choose now will fit your needs for the near (and probably far) future. Just take into account that the growth of your company can cause some trouble if your technology is not well suited.


3.4 Quality

When you start researching a document management system, make sure you are being diligent with the companies that create DMS software. You should ask yourself: are you comfortable with the products they created in the past? Do they have a good reputation? How often are updates made to the software?

If you choose a cloud hosting option, the same considerations apply. Make sure you work with someone you trust and who will keep your application secure and running.


3.5 Flexibility and productivity

Having a DMS software should improve your ability to work, whether it is with your employees’ productivity, or just as a better way to store your records. A good system should also help you with the following:


      • Optimize the way your data and documents flow through your company.

      • Create solutions for tracking payable/receivable, claims handling, human resources, service calls, attendance management, reducing the hiring process, and other case-based scenarios

    • Ensure that the company’s rules are applied consistently to all the documentation moving through your system and tracking item location and handling.

Having a system that covers all would be ideal, however, sometimes this is not possible. If you cannot have everything in one system, try to cover as many scenarios as you can with the system you choose.


4. Features of document management software

Some of the most important features of this system are the following:


4.1 Document storage

The most basic and vital function of this system is the ability to store any kind of document safely and in an easily searchable manner.


4.2 Keyword search

A DMS software has a keyword search option that allows you to easily access any documents based on specific keywords. Some systems include tags and metadata that make recalling a document simpler. For example, tagging all your invoices as “invoice” will simplify the reviewing process of the documents.


4.3 Permissioned access to certain documents

By creating permissions, you provide certain employees access to specific documents. And you exclude everyone else from viewing or editing them.


4.4 Document access monitoring tools

This tool allows you to supervise who has access to the documents. This is a vital security feature for any kind of business, to ensure the confidential documents remain private.


4.5 Document edit history and restoration

A DMS software should have restoration options and edit history so you can see who has edited a given document. Versioning also offers the owner the opportunity to see old versions of documents that have been revised and see precisely which changes were implemented, at what time, and by whom.


4.6 Auto-delete on outdated documents

These systems come with regulation controls for deletion and automatic saves to free up storage space.


4.7 Mobile device access

It is important that you can access your company documentation through your mobile device. Some of the capabilities of mobile document management include viewing, editing, and sharing documents.


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5. What is the cost of document control software?

The price of document control software will depend on the provider you work with and the type of service you sign up for.

On-premises systems tend to be significantly more expensive than cloud-based ones. The pricing structure is, generally, a one-time setup fee, and then a subscription fee for the service. This fee is around AED 3,000 per user, and the annual subscription is usually 20% of the initial setup cost.

Cloud-based systems have a more familiar subscription-rate structure. It mainly depends on the services you receive, you will pay a fee that can range from a few Dirhams to several hundred per month.


6. Benefits of using a document management system

Having optimized HR resources will make your life significantly easier. Aspects like the following will simplify the relationship between your business and your employees:



Using a DMS offers several benefits. Overall, it should be easy to implement and allow you to run your business more efficiently. Some specific benefits are the following:


6.1 Saved time

By using this system, you can dedicate the time you previously spent organizing and managing your documents to more crucial parts of your business.


6.2 Security

These days, keeping your systems secure is more important than ever. A secure on-premises server or an encrypted cloud can protect sensitive company information and protocols.


6.3 Scaling

As your business grows, so can your DMS software. One of the major benefits is its ability to scale up and down to comply with your company’s ever-changing needs.


6.4 Easy document management

Gone are the days of rifling through the cabinets to find the documentation you need. Keywords research allows you to find your documents quickly and easily.


6.5 Collaboration

Good teamwork can definitely define the success of a company. The document management system can improve workplace collaboration and team productivity by allowing multiple people to work on the same document, tracking who makes changes, and retaining access to older versions of documents.


7. How can Connect HR help you with your document management system?

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