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Searching for master maids Dubai is a task that requires attention and consideration. These professionals not only have the functions of cleaning and maintaining the home. In addition, their other functions are to provide a level of expertise and dedication that guarantees a cozy and impeccable home environment. Many domestic workers also perform babysitting duties.

In this article, we will discuss the essential steps to hire master maids Dubai. The idea is to cover everything from the selection and interview process to understanding local labor laws. In addition, we will give you some tips to help you have a good relationship with employees and employers. Finally, we will answer some frequently asked questions in the process of hiring maids in Dubai.

How to hire master maids Dubai?

master maids DubaiFirst, you have to hire master maids Dubai and for this, there are three possible ways. The first is to go to a cleaning agency, the second is a Tadbeer service center and the last is to hire them directly. Currently, a very popular option to streamline this hiring process is cleaning agencies. Any professional agency usually has a database of suitable candidates, which makes it easy to find an ideal option for your needs.

If you hire a maid directly it means that you have to invest more effort. The biggest advantage of this method is that since you are going to meet several master maids Dubai, you can select the best one for your needs and preferences. Finally, a Tadbeer service center can facilitate the visa application process for you.

After making this decision you just have to follow the following essential steps to hire a maid in Dubai:

  • Select candidates: When working with an agency they will show you profiles of the available candidates. However, if you are doing direct hiring, it is important to advertise and screen applicants yourself. Furthermore, this point needs to know the labor law in UAE.
  • Interviews: It is essential to conduct interviews to evaluate the experience, qualifications, and compatibility of the candidates with the family.
  • Check the background: Subsequently, you have to check the references and background of the candidates. Thus, you can guarantee the qualifications and reliability of the master maids Dubai.
  • Visas and medical procedures: You have to arrange the necessary visas and medical examinations following the country’s regulations.
  • Employment contract: Finally, you have to draft a specific employment contract to describe the terms and conditions of employment.
  • Orientation: You have to provide suitable training to the employee to become familiar with the household routine.

How to keep compliance with the law when hiring UAE maids?

master maids DubaiTo keep compliance regarding the laws when hiring maids in the UAE, you must provide visas, permits, insurance, and every requirement to hire employees. You have to know that when hiring master maids Dubai, you have to know the guidelines established by the law. For instance, one of the most important things is that you have to bear the costs of their basic needs. That is the ticket, visa, accommodation, and monthly salary, which may be the minimum in the UAE.

  • Medical coverage, which is essential for the well-being of a domestic employee, is generally overlooked. Additionally, this works to avoid unpleasant surprises about medical costs that are the sponsor’s responsibility. This is why taking out medical insurance for master maids Dubai is essential and unavoidable.
  • On the other hand, Abu Dhabi has its own rules when hiring a domestic worker. It is mandatory to provide a basic health insurance policy to female employees. In addition, they must be able to access plans that are subsidized by the government. Sponsors can purchase medical coverage for their helpers in Daman. That is the government-affiliated health insurance company.
  • The Dubai Health Authority has started an initiative to ensure that dependent people also have health insurance. Currently, the Authority passed a law to ensure that every worker in Dubai has medical coverage. Unlike Abu Dhabi, basic insurance in Dubai can be purchased through one of the eleven major insurers.

What is the best maids health insurance?

If you want to guarantee the well-being of your domestic assistants, a fundamental tool is health insurance. Thus, they will have the ability to carry out all household tasks effectively, since their well-being is essential. An essential step to safeguard the well-being and health of your home helpers is to provide insurance coverage. Additionally, these plans are usually affordable and are priced approximately between AED 550 and AED 720.

So that you can choose the best health insurance company for master maids Dubai, below we will give you a list of these companies. Thus, you can have the guarantee and security of being in good hands in the area of ​​health.

  • GIG Gulf Insurance, previously AXA Insurance.
  • Sukoon Insurance, previously Oman Insurance
  • MetLife
  • Ras Al Khaimah National Health Insurance company
  • Give Al Takaful
  • Orient Insurance
  • Takaful Emarat

You should know that the Essential Benefits Plan (EBP) specifies the minimum degree of protection for domestic employees. Some of the benefits of this type of health insurance plan are the following:

  • Medical coverage must have an annual limit of AED 150,000.
  • Have emergency medical care available in the UAE.
  • Provide basic medical treatment throughout the Emirate of Dubai.
  • Have the treatment of pre-existing and chronic diseases covered after the first six months.

How to choose the best maids health insurance?

To choose the best insurance, you have to compare their offerings and prices. It is essential that you find the perfect provider that adjusts to your needs.

It is true that when hiring master maids Dubai the sponsor or the agency has to take care of their basic expenses. However, you have to know that some companies do not include insurance in their cost analysis. Health insurance for master maids Dubai has several types, but it all starts with basic health insurance.

This is vital since you need the person who helps you at home to be in good physical condition. Thus, you can carry out all the essential activities to carry out your duties to keep the house running smoothly.

It is not just that the employee’s health is in question, other factors make health insurance important. For instance, in the event of an accident, it is essential to protect your home and finances. On the other hand, civil liability is also essential for your good as an employer. The reason is that it is also possible that occasional thefts occur in the house and the idea is to avoid them.

Currently, all the information about health insurance in the UAE can be found in different institutions, depending on the emirate. For example, in Abu Dhabi the institution responsible for supervising everything regarding health is HAAD (Health Authority of Abu Dhabi). But, in Dubai, the institution responsible for health policies is the DHA (Dubai Health Authority).

In addition, the law mentions that the employer’s children, spouse, and domestic workers must be covered. They also have to be eligible for a basic UAE health insurance plan. The EBP (Essential Benefits Plan) provides this health insurance in the country. Under the laws, employers cannot deduct premiums from employees and cannot reduce their wages to cover the price of the insurance policy.

Frequently Asked Questions

master maids DubaiWhat are the services provided by master maids Dubai? It is important to know that each person uses their home differently. For instance, deep cleaning the kitchen and bathrooms is always a priority. Also, if the house has pets, it probably has a lot of hair, so cleaning the floors is important. But, if you have kids, they probably need to make sure their rooms are dusted. Thus, there are many cases so the services may vary depending on the house.

How long do people usually hire master maids Dubai for? Most individuals prefer cleaning for a few days of the week. That is something that can be planned and trusted. Some only want assistance for a short time, it may be during a particularly busy period in their lives.

What is the salary of a full time maid in Dubai?

The minimum salary for a maid in Dubai is AED 5,340. Additionally, they have an extra cash compensation which is AED 3840, with a range of AED 200 to AED 7200. These estimates are according to 49 anonymous maid salaries in Dubai.

How much is a maid service for Dubai?

If you want to hire live in maids Dubai, you should understand that the cost of their services may vary according to certain factors. In this way, many agencies can charge fees for their services. Furthermore, the salary of a domestic helper varies according to her qualifications, nationality, and experience.

On the other hand, laws in Dubai may require you to bear certain expenses. Among these, are visa fees, visa renewal, medical examinations, and your accommodation. Therefore, it is important to make a position capable of covering all the costs of a domestic helper.

You have to know that the salary of a maid in Dubai is approximately AED 1,500 and 3,000.

Can an expat sponsor a maid in Dubai?

To hire a domestic worker you have to legally sponsor her to have her residence visa in the United Arab Emirates.

In other words, if you are a foreign resident you have the possibility of sponsoring a domestic worker in Dubai. Of course, if you want to do this you have to meet the mandatory requirements. In addition, there are PRO service companies in Dubai who advise you on the rules of visa sponsorship for your domestic employee. After meeting the following criteria you will be able to apply for a service employee visa in the city:

  • The sponsor cannot earn a monthly salary less than AED 25,000.
  • There cannot be a relationship between the sponsor and the domestic employee.
  • The sponsor must be a legal resident of the United Arab Emirates. Additionally, you must live with your family as singles cannot have maids in Dubai.
  • Currently you can hire live in maid from countries such as India, the Philippines, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Indonesia.
  • The sponsor must obtain health insurance for the domestic employee and renew it annually.

How to hire a live in maid?

First step (Both people (maid and sponsor) have to go to DNRD, or Dubai Naturalization and Residency Department)

Second step (Go to the Hijri typing center at the entrance and provide the following)

  • Salary certificate and own employment contract.
  • The lease.
  • The original passport and a copy of it.
  • Original passport of the domestic employee with the entry permit after arrival in the country and a copy.
  • 8 copies of photographs of the maid’s passport.
  • A deposit of AED 2,000 for an entry visa. This is refundable if you cancel the domestic worker’s visa.
  • The annual cost for the residence visa is 5,100 AED.
  • Annual cost per health card ranging between AED 300 and 400.
  • For other fares you need AED 500.

Third step (After the employment contract has been issued): You must go to the DNRD employee visa department to have the contract stamped.

Fourth step: In the following days, both people (sponsor and employee) have to go to a hospital and undergo a medical examination. To get the results of your medical tests you have to wait a few days. The tests that will be performed are the following:

  • Syphilis.
  • HIV.
  • Leprosy.
  • Hepatitis B.
  • Tuberculosis.
  • Pregnancy.

Fifth step: You must return to the DNRD or immigration department. Therefore, you must bring your health card, the results of your medical test, and the aforementioned documents. In this way, the DNRD will complete its employment contract. Then, you will go to the next counter to:

  • The residence visa that is stamped in the domestic employee’s passport. It is important to know that the visa processing time will vary depending on the possible situations of the people.

How many hours does a nanny work in UAE?

If you live in the UAE you surely know about the working hours in the UAE, but we are going to say it anyway. The law on domestic work in the country says that the normal working day for maids in Dubai is 48 hours per week. In addition, you have to know that if necessary and depending on the situations, they can work more.

Therefore, both people (maid and employer) have the option to agree on work schedules. For this it is mandatory that both people agree on a schedule from the beginning. On the other hand, it should be noted that maids have to have a paid day of rest during the week.

Also, if you want your maid to work overtime, you have to pay her for it. For this, you have to know how to pay overtime for maids. Simply put, overtime pay is 1.5 times the maid’s daily salary.


Hiring a maid can be very useful in cleaning the home and maintaining order in the family. The reason is simple, they not only offer cleaning services, they also provide a good image to the house. With a maid you can work knowing that your home has the attention it deserves.

It is important that you choose a good agency to provide you with safe care. The ideal is to look for an agency with all legal regulations and have good reviews.

In conclusion, you have to know that many things are relevant to hiring a domestic worker. For example, you want an employee who is there all the time, who lives in the house, and other things. You have to know all this before hiring a maid.

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