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HR must adapt to new flexible work options, such as working remotely, as they emerge. Many suppliers, such as Connect HR, provide digital solutions to help expedite various HR operations. However, the next stage is to adapt agile self-service technologies to basic procedures such as the payroll process.

In this article, let us explain to you how agile self-service technologies may help you update your payroll process. Employee compensation management is a process that begs for employee participation. In this manner, you may simplify certain aspects of the process while reducing human error. Today, we will go through the following topics:

  1. What is payroll management?
  2. What are the functions to be covered in these payroll processes?
  3. Are payroll processes critical nowadays?
  4. How can self-service tools help streamline these processes?
  5. Is it essential to manage payroll management with self-service tools?
  6. What are the benefits of modernizing payroll processes with self-service tools?
  7. Improve payroll management with employee participation and Connect HR’s tools


1. What is payroll management?

Payroll management is a specific activity that demands time and attention to detail regardless of your company’s operating size. Payroll is a vital document that organizations and companies rely on to carry out the day-to-day tasks of processing employee payroll. Although paying salary correctly and on time is a significant responsibility of a business, it can be difficult.

Payroll computation and processing, submitting to government tax offices, and other tasks may be complex. In addition, some elements might further delay this process in the circumstances such as the UAE. The WPS is an example of this. Besides being a government initiative to secure employee payment, it includes stages that might complicate the overall process.

This is without considering that, for international corporations with personnel in many countries, multi-country payroll operations add to the complexity. People in charge of operating a business experience stress due to these procedures. Because of this and other factors, this procedure is regarded as among the most essential in the profession.

Payroll administration is undeniably complex, necessitating exceptional accuracy to avoid blunders that might stymie the company’s growth. Nonetheless, it is a procedure for which HR teams have gradually devised various solutions. Companies like Connect HR develop among all of these HR solutions.

2. What are the functions to be covered in these payroll processes?

Once a company hires its first worker, payroll duties are unavoidable, depending on the employment contract terms. However, payroll is never just about paying employees. This is a crucial key to emphasize because it is a widespread misperception among business owners.

The government regulates payroll calculation, payment schedules, statutory holidays, retirement savings, tax filing, and more. It entails adhering to all relevant employment and tax laws and internal HR and employee benefits standards. As a result, maintaining compliance with these rules and regulations is critical to prevent extra expenditures or fines.

The critical payroll tasks are the payroll system setup and maintenance, payslip issuance, payroll calculation, and reporting and payout. Cover statutory filing, pension contribution calculation, reporting, payroll health check, and, most crucially, employee self-service portal management.

This demonstrates that payroll systems encompass a far broader range of duties than just sending paychecks. Among the most critical tasks performed by the HR department are:

2.1 Accounting

Employees must have up-to-date paperwork showing how salaries are determined that complies with government requirements. In addition, all applicable regulations and procedures must be followed when processing payroll. This is an essential part of the payroll process that the HR team should complete thoroughly. Unfortunately, this factor is the source of many human mistakes.

2.2 Leave management

Throughout payroll processing, the registrar gathers information and records hours worked. This takes into account all hours worked, even overtime. Therefore, before processing salaries, it is vital to communicate with management about work time concerns and double-check that now the information is correct.

2.3 Payroll processing

Whoever is in charge of paychecks guarantees that every employee’s compensation information is correct in the payroll system. Salary, hourly wages, and overtime are all part of the human resources department. This procedure entails investigating several types of payments, such as incentives, bonuses, holidays, salary reductions (taxes and rules), unit compensations, and others.



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3. Are payroll processes critical nowadays?

The payroll system, when carried out incorrectly, is a tedious and inconvenient process that quickly leads to errors in many circumstances. Is it, however, necessary for today’s organizations? Yes, of course! With the introduction of the digital era, the simplicity of using computers and HR-specific software has reduced mistakes. It can also automatically give statistics and metrics that preserve it on storage systems.

This also offers a clear depiction of the company’s compensation, which is necessary for a financial evaluation. In the event of a constant payroll hike, a simple calculation may provide the firm with a complete picture of the information’s influence on the company’s value. Because all of this information is so important in companies, it is kept private

The HR team may utilize this information to assist the organization by helping to enhance various departments. A simple piece of information like payroll may be the catalyst for a whole business to start restructuring. That is why such critical information is frequently kept behind lock and key.

However, employee involvement is increasingly an essential part of modern management today. What makes this possible? By conducting a payroll process correctly, we can help them understand how important they are to the firm. In addition, employees may feel more at ease with the corporate culture.

4. How can self-service tools help streamline these processes?

HR departments have developed a new tool to increase employee engagement: self-service tools. These technologies provide employees with the control they require to feel more involved with the firm. Using HR and payroll self-service solutions may save money, empower employees, and increase productivity.

Employee and management self-service solutions may successfully simplify many HR operations. Processes that take much effort from HR daily. Certain departmental functions can be self-managed using these technologies.

Companies can also use these self-service tools for the following, among other essential tasks:

  • Orientation of new employees
  • Document management
  • Updating personal data
  • Information about performance

Employee self-service solutions will minimize your administrative workload, but they will also increase your efficiency. Furthermore, they will boost your workforce’s productivity.

5. Is it essential to manage payroll management with self-service tools?

Employee self-service is an essential component of current payroll administration solutions. It allows employees to receive answers to all of their payroll-related questions quickly. However, manually monitoring queries and responding to employee requests for information may be time-consuming and resource-intensive. As a result, the company’s productivity suffers.

Business-specific employee self-service provided by HR solution providers considerably reduces this load while assuring team member satisfaction. The importance of a company’s personnel in its reputation and success cannot be overstated. The company’s employees are, undoubtedly, the most valuable asset in every modern company enterprise.

Firms are offering employees critical positions, unlike in the past. Employees of a company are given the flexibility and chance to access payroll operations in the current business world. Salary and deduction data, leave management data and reimbursements data, and much more are examples of accessible information.

As a result, in the middle of 2022, this integration of HR and payroll services with self-service technologies will be critical. Employees are better suited to manage their money and taxes when they can see their income, employee benefits, and deductions. They may then focus on their duties inside the firm, making them more effective and productive.



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6. What are the benefits of modernizing payroll processes with self-service tools?

Modern payroll technology provides dynamic, self-service capabilities that increase efficiency, adapt to remain compliant, and help you win the talent war. But unfortunately, payroll processing takes up to 40 hours or above for around 60% of HR staff. So while it might not seem to be a big deal, it is in a crowded department.

Many firms and human resources teams rely on spreadsheets to handle payroll records. This equates to easily losing hundreds and hundreds of documents with crucial corporate information. As a result, a minor cyber-attack, even something as simple as uninstalling it, could result in a significant stumbling block.

The future of payroll is determined by efficiency, compliance, and a consumer-driven strategy that wins the battle for talent. As a result, it is vital to show how self-service solutions can help the organization with payroll. This allows you to minimize costs, have more free time, and concentrate your employees on critical tasks to meet your objectives.

6.1 Give your employees the control they deserve

Top-performing companies are changing the employee experience, starting with payroll, by overcoming the HR-employee barrier with self-service options. Digitizing HR procedures with cutting-edge, customized solutions makes things more straightforward than ever for employees to access or modify their information.

Instead of making one-time requests that gather in HR’s inbox, they gain autonomy through seeing online pay records and tax paperwork, altering their bank details, phone numbers and addresses, and private information, and choosing for or amending voluntary deductions. As a consequence, human resources staff will be able to reduce responsibilities.

Furthermore, on-demand compensation is a modern feature that resonates with employees by giving them more control over their finances. This is because the vast majority of the employees live paycheck to paycheck. Therefore, having greater control over these components may decrease the considerable impact caused by unexpected expenses.

6.2 Reduces compliance workload

Payroll compliance and tax issues are two of the most challenging components of the HR and payroll process, so they can have the most severe consequences. Compliance regulations have gotten more intricate, bringing new HR challenges. This trend is only expected to keep going huge businesses.

Companies are progressively developing their workforces to suit workers from many locations and time zones. This is due to the usage of remote workers to engage in the ongoing battle for talent. Once a result, as they cross state lines, they will be subject to a new range of regulations and laws.

Employees may play the game and help manage such calculations because calculating the numerous laws takes time. So how are they going to pull it off? By providing information about regulatory regulations in their home nation. The payroll system then ran specific calculations, which even the employees may check. As a result, guarantee that rules and regulations are followed.

6.3 Extend your workforce and keep payments under control

Companies must easily tap into various sorts of talent in today’s highly competitive market, including part-time, contract, full-time, and more. A mixed workforce also adds complexity to payroll, such as the danger of contract workers being misclassified.

However, automated workflows and simplified onboarding procedures may minimize risk while improving the onboarding experience for new hires.

Companies may profit from enhanced onboarding in the long run by reducing turnover and increasing engagement. Modern systems with self-service capabilities allow recruits to fill and return new worker papers before their first week. That means they may invest their first day learning about the organization and bonding with their coworkers.

7. Improve payroll management with employee participation and Connect HR’s tools

The future of human resources and payroll is one in which they return to the profession of people rather than statistics and thousands of spreadsheets. Modern payroll solutions are essential for claiming a place at the table and influencing and maximizing the employee experience. As a result, ensure that almost all HR solutions you intend to adopt in your firm have self-service options.

Connect HR provides human resources solutions based on 20 years of industry expertise. As a result, our dedicated solutions are among the most popular among businesses in Dubai and the UAE; establishing ourselves as the essential HR service providers.


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