National Health Insurance Co (Daman)

National Health Insurance

National Health Insurance Co (Daman)

Cover your business with the support of the National Health Insurance Company (Daman). Let us give you the best deals and provide your team with the best benefits!

Languages supported

Arabic, English

Regions supported

Middle East

Industries served

Technology, Health, Finance, Real Estate

Company Profile

Residents of the UAE can get all-inclusive medical care with Daman health insurance, also known as the National Health Insurance Company. Along with broad coverage in medical insurance strategies, it offers its policyholders a large network, global coverage, and top-notch service. The Daman health coverage is notable for its different plans for domestic assistants, retirees, small groups of businesses, large groups of businesses, and others. In 2006, Daman Health Insurance, was founded. It is a major health insurer in the UAE, providing complete health insurance services to nearly 3 million customers across the country.

In essence, Daman Health Insurance is a Public Joint Stock Company that is owned 80% by the State of Abu Dhabi and 20% by Munich Re.

It is a leader in medical coverage and promotes innovation by combining cutting-edge technology and healthcare-related knowledge provided by an expert staff.

Remarkably, Daman Health Insurance Company is raising the bar for medical insurance. Additionally, it has numerous accolades from around the world and certifications regarding their quality.

In every facet of its business, Daman is dedicated to acting honorably and upholding the highest levels of professionalism and ethics.

Their services include:

  • Personal insurance
  • Corporate insurance

Services of Company

Daman, a leader in health insurance, fosters innovation by fusing cutting-edge technology with healthcare knowledge provided by a highly competent and proficient workforce. Members receive value additions from special offerings like the disease management programs.

Their Medical Services:

  • Life Coverage
  • Personal Coverage
  • Business Travel Insurance
  • Pharmaceutical support and more

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