Receptionist salary in Dubai: Get all the info!

receptionist salary in Dubai

To earn a good receptionist salary in Dubai you must have many key skills on your resume. In this case, it is because receptionists represent the face of an organization and the first impression that clients or visitors will have. Furthermore, today the demand for receptionists is stable and represents a great opportunity to earn money in Dubai.

In this article, you will learn how much you can earn as a receptionist in the United Arab Emirates. Also, how the salary of a receptionist compares to other related jobs and the opportunities to earn more.

What is the work of a receptionist in Dubai?

receptionist salary in DubaiIf you want to apply for a receptionist position in Dubai, you will need a set of available skills. In this case, the skills will include being competent, having communication skills, and knowing how to work under pressure. Likewise, you will have to be adaptable and flexible because the role of receptionist is always evolving.

How much is a receptionist salary in Dubai?

The salary of a receptionist in Dubai is AED 4,000 per month, but you could earn up to AED 5,500. The salary obtained depends on aspects such as your profile or the type of industry. In this case, in Dubai, the receptionist who earns the most is in construction, and then there is healthcare and retail trade. Furthermore, in the UAE all these salaries are tax-free.

What training do you need to be a receptionist in Dubai?

To earn a good salary as a receptionist, you will need to acquire qualifications and skills which you can see below:

  • Technical skills in the use of software and digital tools.
  • Speak fluently in Arabic, English, and Mandarin.
  • Additionally, have exceptional customer service skills.
  • Possess communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Have skills in conflict and problem resolution.
  • Organizational and attention to detail skills.
  • As for qualifications, you will need to have a bachelor’s degree in communications, management, or a related field.
  • You must also have a certificate in social media management, digital marketing, and event planning.

Frequently Asked Questions

receptionist salary in DubaiHow much does a receptionist make in UAE?

As with the receptionist salary in Dubai, in the rest of the Emirates, the salary is AED 4000. Likewise, this salary could reach AED 6500 depending on the place of work, the profile, and the type of company where you work. Furthermore, in the UAE, human resources receptionists are the highest paid, followed by real estate, and manufacturing.

How is a receptionist salary in the UAE compare with other countries of the region?

The salary of a receptionist in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates is the same as that of a receptionist in Qatar. On the other hand, the salary in the Emirates is 12% more than in Saudi Arabia.

How does a receptionist salary in the UAE compare with similar roles?

Compared to a receptionist salary, as an administrative assistant, you could earn AED 4,000 in the UAE. Likewise, in other related positions, as a secretary you would earn AED 5000, and as a personal assistant you could earn AED 7500.

Can you make good money as a receptionist?

A receptionist salary in Dubai tends to vary depending on the circumstances in which you are performing the role. Therefore, there is a great chance of making a lot of money as a receptionist depending on your qualities, the location, and how much experience in the area you have. If you want to know more about employment aspects in the UAE, you can contact us.

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