Benefits of using cloud-based payroll software in the UAE

cloud payroll software

Payroll is an important duty of the Human resources department in UAE businesses. It has been managed manually from its start. Nonetheless, this has resulted in numerous mistakes and issues with payment processing. Because of technological advancements, it has become much easier to manage employees’ payments with cloud payroll software.

In this article, we will discuss the advantages of using cloud-based payroll software for your business. We will also discuss the differences between manually running payroll software and running payroll software on the cloud. You will see why it is critical to deploy one of these solutions in the UAE after this article. Here are the issues we will discuss in this article:


  1. What is payroll software?
  2. How can we define cloud payroll software?
  3. Which one is better between payroll software and cloud payroll software?
  4. Why opt for a cloud-based payroll software service?
  5. What benefits can a company certified in cloud payroll software offer you?
  6. How has the use of cloud-based payroll software in the UAE impacted businesses?
  7. How can we help your business succeed with our cloud-based payroll software?


1. What is payroll software?


Payroll is the process through which employers compensate their employees for the job they do. Every firm that employs people should have a payroll mechanism in place. An effective and efficient payroll method guarantees that workers receive their pay on time and in full. It also allows HR to focus on other elements of the job.

Payroll software is therefore a system that manages, maintains, and automates employee pays on-premises or in the cloud. A solid, integrated, and correctly structured payroll system can assist businesses of all sizes in staying in line with tax laws and regulations. It is the greatest option for a paperwork-overburdened HR department.

Although it is an automated management system, the payroll software requires specialized personnel to administer it. It is installed on the computers of the HR staff, who will be in charge of manually administering it. You will be able to handle tasks automatically, such as keeping track of hours, calculating pay, withholding deductions and taxes, and so on.

Many payroll software programs update automatically if tax regulations change. Not only that, but it may remind employers of the deadlines for filing various tax forms. That is why so many businesses nowadays choose this payroll management system solution.



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2. How can we define cloud payroll software?

Before we look into cloud-based payroll, it is important to understand what the cloud is. When we think about the cloud, we are talking about an online backup service. In simpler words, servers are stored online instead of on servers at businesses.

Cloud-based technologies have increased in popularity in the corporate system in the UAE. This is because many of the existing HR solutions offer a cloud-based version. As a result, during the COVID-19 pandemic, it aided the HR staff in processing payroll at any time and from any location.

Cloud-based payroll software allows your company to capture, manage, and compute payroll information. It also enables you to handle it safely on an internet platform rather than on your computer’s hard disk. In this manner, you may avoid security issues or data loss, which plague many businesses regularly.

This program provides organizations with an excellent payroll solution. It provides a variety of functions and endless benefits, removing all of the bothers from payroll operations. It is also an easier approach to automatically compute pay deductions such as SOCSO, EPF, and tax deductions. In a nutshell, cloud computing is the next stage for a payroll management system.


3. Which one is better between payroll software and cloud payroll software?

Now that we have described both forms of payroll software, it is time to look at the distinctions between them. It is worth mentioning that most businesses in the UAE now employ a payroll system. Because of the WPS rules, payroll automation technologies are required.

As a result, it is unimportant to know which is superior to the other. What matters is that you understand how one solution may benefit your organization more than others. To do so, you must first understand how to distinguish between the many capabilities provided by traditional and cloud payroll software. These distinctions can make a significant difference in meeting the demands of your firm’s HR department.

To summarize, traditional payroll software is among the most popular solutions for big, medium, and small businesses. It enables the automated handling of payroll operations carried out by the human resources department. Therefore, it is an ideal tool for human resources departments that are overburdened with paperwork.

Cloud payroll software is similar to traditional payroll software, but an increasing number of businesses are migrating to it. The benefits that the cloud provides, which we shall discuss later, set it apart from the competition. Here are four significant distinctions to help you decide which is best for your business.


3.1 Internet connection

Perhaps the only disadvantage of cloud-based systems is that they require internet connectivity to use. This is because the payroll process’s data and computations are done on a distant server. As a result, without internet, access to this material is impossible.

A manually controlled payroll program, on the other hand, does not require such internet access. The HR staff manages it locally from the PCs where it has been installed. The only time this team needs an internet service is when it has to communicate information to banks, tax agencies, and other organizations.


3.2 Ease of access to data

When it comes to payroll information, the payroll software falls short. This is because access to the program is restricted when installed on specific PCs. This makes data access tough for executives or staff. Cloud payroll software, on the other hand, shines in this crucial area.

The majority of these cloud services offer user-friendly apps. Applications that may be downloaded and installed on computers, mobile devices, and other devices. This implies that the information is available to everybody who has the program loaded, not only the HR personnel. Requests may be managed more quickly in this manner.


3.3 Security

Data processed by payroll software inside a business is stored locally on databases. This may be a huge benefit, but it can also be a huge disadvantage. Because the data is stored locally, any employee can access it in a variety of ways. Furthermore, such a server may be vulnerable to cyber assaults.

Cyber security is something that cloud options can also brag about. Of course, as long as you choose a certified organization like our firm to provide these services. This is because the servers where the data is hosted are monitored 24 hours a day, seven days a week to avoid cyber intrusions.


4. Why opt for a cloud-based payroll software service?

When businesses make the choice of installing cloud payroll software, it is for one simple reason: boosting the performance of the human resources department. Typically, they make this decision when this department has excessive obligations or when they want to make their firm evolve.

Although this is the mindset of huge, established corporations, it is also the mindset of small and medium-sized businesses. In the case of the UAE, the WPS has a tremendous impact on this way of thinking. Compliance with the Wage Protection System and payroll management is always a top responsibility for SMEs.

As a result, while considering corporate expansion, it is critical for the HR department to properly manage the WPS. Failing to adhere to this process in the UAE will result in additional expenses to the firm as a result of non-compliance with the legislation. Thus, the deployment of cloud-based payroll software is of great value in the organizations’ evolutionary process.

Unlike other solutions, cloud payroll software ensures an adequate support of your company’s expansion.. As a result, for those who want to expand your organization, keeping their abilities is one of the criteria that will define your success. One of these cloud options is the best method to accomplish this. It removes many of the factors that contribute to workplace stress.



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5. What benefits can a company certified in cloud payroll software offer you?

Payroll administration is becoming increasingly sophisticated in the current online and global society. Major worldwide technological advances intersect with flexible and dynamic workforces. Changing how businesses manage payroll equipment and associated tax management.

Organizations are increasingly being pushed by technological advancements to discover efficient solutions to transfer their payroll handling. Many businesses are migrating from in-house payroll systems, whether automated or not, to cloud payroll services. These technologies offer several advantages that significantly exceed the disadvantages of any obsolete legacy applications that may be in use.

These are some advantages of implementing a cloud-based payroll system.


5.1 Easy integration with other HR systems

It is feasible to integrate this cloud-based payroll system with other apps and software packages via a cloud payroll. It is also feasible to combine a cloud payroll administration system with a human resource management system. In this manner, payroll data is useful for different HR management purposes.


5.2 Better use of the company’s time and resources

A cloud payroll system does not need the involvement of any human for the software to function properly. The vendor is solely responsible for the software’s functioning, relieving the company employees of time-consuming tasks. This even permits the IT team and HR personnel to become involved in other important company operations.


5.3 Everyone in the company can access the information

All authorized workers may view their payroll information via a cloud-based payroll management system. Managers may have access to information about their teams, such as vacation applications, furloughs, or training plans, without having to contact human services. This allows them to immediately accept or reject requests, making it much easier to prepare ahead of time.

Employee self-service programs allow all employees to access their data at any time and from any device. This is especially beneficial if the organization operates in many time zones. Employees can submit requests on their own in this manner. As a result, the human resources staff can manage them more rapidly.


5.4 Simple to set up

Cloud-based solutions do not require any software or hardware. Because the procurement method is so quick, there is no third-party participation in the system purchase. Because the system is developed from the start by suppliers, it is much easier to install. Additionally, providers may help with data transfer and guide the best method to set up the software.


6. How has the use of cloud-based payroll software in the UAE impacted businesses?

The WPS has long been responsible for the implementation of the payroll management system in the UAE. Many businesses have switched from manual payroll handling to these automated systems. This has significantly increased the production of the firms. Even yet, an increasing number of businesses are relying on online payroll software.

Cloud-based payroll software allows firms to consolidate everything related to payroll in the HR system. They help to reduce a variety of other typical difficulties at workstations, particularly in commercial settings. Paperwork, for example, reduces to almost nothing as a result of these cloud-based solutions.

Companies in the UAE no longer have to worry about payroll administration as a result of this. Payroll management systems, such as those provided by Connect HR, offer total payroll administration.


7. How can we help your business succeed with our cloud-based payroll software?

It is amazing how much of a difference cloud solutions can make for a UAE firm. Not only is payroll tax administration and compliance ensured, but so is WPS compliance.

Providing solutions to businesses in Dubai for over 20 years, our firm focuses on solving your HR problems. We have become one of Dubai’s preferred suppliers as a result of our dedication in the market.


Connect HR’s Payroll-WPS is among the greatest cloud payroll solutions available today. It not only provides all of the capabilities of payroll software, but it also provides simplicity of access. As a result, anybody in the firm can access payroll information at any time and from any location.

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