Top 10 HR Challenges during the COVID-19 Outbreak


Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many professionals and businesses had to face different kinds of challenges to survive and succeed. And the Human Resource personnel had also to overcome many of these difficult tasks during these last few months. However, going through these challenges can also help them become more efficient professionals with better skills.

Some of the HR challenges during Covid-19 pandemic include company norms and laws, employee issues, work modality, and more. And since most part of the company’s success depends on the HR department, it’s essential to learn how to overcome these challenges. Therefore, let’s take a look at the most important challenges that all HR professionals had to go through.



Challenges for HR during Covid-19 & Ways to Approach them

Among those challenges for human resource management during covid-19 times, you can find many different ones that must be solved. And in order to do that, it is necessary to learn how to approach them correctly. This way, you will be able to make your HR department more efficient by adapting it to our current times.

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Therefore, here you will learn not only about the challenges but also the way in which you can approach them. After studying and understanding the issues, it is possible to create a variety of solutions to overcome them effectively. So now let’s see what challenges are the ones you will most likely have to face.

Rules and Regulations

Compliance with government rules and regulations is one of the most important priorities of an HR professional. Subsequently, it is a top priority task to adapt the company and HR operations to constant changes. Adapting all operations to the new rules is one of the challenges faced by HR managers during COVID-19 pandemic.

If you do not want your company to go through penalties and fines, it must comply with all government rules. And the best way in which you can do it is by checking on the updated government regulations. Nonetheless, it’s important to mention that it could be different depending on the country in which the company is located.



This is an essential task that all HR managers must carry out in a company. And completing this task successfully is vital to obtain excellent workers and make the company a successful business. Therefore, another top priority of an HR department is counting on effective hiring strategies to employ the best candidates.

In order to successfully hire a worker, it is important for the recruiter to consider several aspects. For instance, past work experience, skills tests, employee persona, and the candidate’s future goals are some of those aspects. However, implementing hiring tools or getting help from staffing specialists can also make the process more efficient.


Changes in Company Rules

If you are wondering how did COVID-19 affect the role of HR, you have to look at the changes. Since the pandemic forced all businesses to a new lifestyle, they must adapt to it and make changes inside. However, the HR department is the main one that must support employees during this changing phase to ensure balance.

The first thing that must be done is to be transparent when changing the company rules. And also, it would be better to put the new rules to the test instead of applying them abruptly. This way, it will help both the company and its employees to adjust to these changes successfully.


Employee Training

Another important element that HR professionals must consider is applying development programs to train new employees. This can bring many benefits for the company, including cutting additional expenses and motivating employees to become better. However, it is a challenge to count on the necessary resources to make it work as it should.

In other words, one of the challenges for HR during COVID-19 pandemic is training employees without failure. But there’s a solution that might even be a twofold benefit; developing a mentorship program for juniors and seniors. With this, the company’s senior executives can coach the juniors and help them grow as skillful professionals.



Keeping employees happy and satisfied through a compensation system is another crucial task of the HR department. And the main reason is that it helps workers to stay motivated while growing better at their job. Nonetheless, HR managers must be careful because they must also keep an eye on payroll costs at the same time.

There is an efficient method that allows them to compensate their employees without having a continuous rise in the payroll. And that method consists of designing employee rewards and recognition programs different from the usual salary. In other words, it works as an appreciation gesture for their good job, motivating them to keep it up.



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Employee Retention

Besides hiring, retaining employees is also among the challenges faced by HR during COVID pandemic. If employers don’t take good care of their employees, they will most likely end up leaving to find other choices. And there are high chances of finding a variety of job opportunities nowadays, which means that employees can easily leave.

So if you need to retain your employees, it’s crucial to make a plan in the first days of hire. These days are vital because a proper onboarding procedure is more likely to make it work better. Therefore, HR managers need a structured plan along with a proper job description, mentor matching, designation playbook with duties, and feedback.


Managing Remote Work

The COVID-19 pandemic speeded up the processes and strategies that allow individuals to work remotely for companies. Before the pandemic got started, less than half of companies around the world had a remote work program. Actually, many companies, industries, and banks were against working remotely and didn’t want to promote it.

Nonetheless, they had no option but to start using this method to survive during the outbreak. And even though most companies have remote work programs now, it was a challenge that they had to face. In fact, HR professionals had to create new methods and strategies to overcome it and boost employee productivity.


Employee Communication

Without good communication, it is impossible to make things work as they should, regardless of the context. Therefore, among the challenges for human resource management during COVID-19 pandemic, having employee communication channels was a big deal. Whether or not the employees were working remotely, the HR department must always stay in touch with them.

Fortunately, there are now many online tools to allow employers to communicate with workers, like Skype, Zoom, Slack, and more. However, it might not be enough to have efficient communication. HR teams have discovered several ways to maintain employee communication, including sharing updates about adopted measures from business leaders. Also, they have been sharing ongoing communication on HR policies regarding the crisis.



Not knowing what could happen in the future can worry anyone and deeply affect them. So this could probably be the major issue that all HR professionals have gone through during these hard times of pandemics. Sometimes, it’s almost impossible to know what the most suitable measures would be to sustain a company’s operations.

Besides, it also affects employees mentally since they don’t know what could happen to them. Therefore, the HR department must face the challenge of creating and implementing new strategies to keep order as possible. However, it is not an easy task to respond quickly to this type of crisis, so it’ll take time.


Employee Engagement

And lastly, there’s one more challenge that an HR professional must face during our current times. Keeping employees engaged is essential to increase the productivity of a company, whether they’re working remotely or not. However, it compromises several aspects, especially internal communication and other elements to keep employees on the same page.

And working remotely can also become a challenge and make it harder to keep workers engaged. Therefore, the HR department should create a routine that employees follow to keep them motivated and productive. Arranging constant sessions or meetings through the available online tools can also help HR professionals to overcome this challenge.


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