Leave Management System: How can they make your life easier?

leave management system

All the employees from the HR Management team should know about the leaves management systems. So that, they won’t have to spend thousands of time processing leaves requests ever again.

In this article, you’ll learn how HR management systems can help you reduce the amount of time that your HR employees spend in a spreadsheet. Let’s observe:


  1. What is an online leave management system?
  2. Which are the features of a Leave Management System?
  3. Why leave management is important?
  4. 6 Biggest Benefits of Leave Management Systems
  5. How Connect HR Cloud automates leave requests
  6. How can you integrate it with other HR processes?
  7. Best leave management software in Dubai and the UAE with ConnectHR


1. What is an online leave management system?

An online leave management system is a self-service portal where employees can request leaves and access leave benefits. This web-based application automates every step of the leave management process without compromising on performance.

So that, an online leave management system grants employees the opportunity to request, approve, decline, and control leave applications from any place, any time, and any device.

This substantially helps in planning resources and examining leave an impact on scheduled tasks. Therefore, administrators can make better decisions when it comes to employee leave regards. Also, an automated leave management system enables employers to execute leave policies fairly and precisely.

Moreover, the system will enable tracking all employee leaves applications and maintain records as required. So managers can easily access compiled time off information for analysis, reporting, and financial estimates.


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2. Which are the features of a Leave Management System?

So, a good leave management system will have the following features:


·         All-in-one Dashboard

Firstly, employees should be able to access their leave balance and check their coworkers’ days off before applying for leave. Thus, HR staff must have access to employee leave balance, department schedules and workforce coverage to assess leave requests better.


·         Configurable Fields (Leave Type, Policy, Holiday List)

Policies and processes vary from one company to another. So the leave management system that you choose must allow your staff members to customize the fields to fit your company’s policies.


·         Cloud-Based

As it’s cloud-based, the online leave management system must offer multi-channel but also remove issues like software installations and updates. So that employees must be able to access it anytime, anywhere.


·         Auto-Update Leave Balance

Buying a leave management system would be useless if your HR employees have to compute and update the leave balance of your employees manually. Additionally, your attendance management system must track the leave history of all employees and show it to both employees and managers.

Here you can learn the importance of a good attendance management system


·         Customizable Approval Workflow

Also, you must be able to make customizable workflows and set up a department-wise ranking to secure an efficient process. Most importantly, once employees pick their departments, the pre-defined workflow must auto-populate.


·         Impeccable Integration

Old mechanisms are archaic and create data silos. Hence, a good leave management system that offers impeccable integration with your other HR management systems for payroll, attendance management, and reimbursement, etc. will eliminate silos.

Checkup the advantages of automated payroll systems integrated with your HRMS.


·         At-a-Glance Reporting

Your product should include a reporting module that creates interactive reports based on the acquired data. Thus, your organization can easily analyze patterns and acquire actionable insights.


3. Why leave management is important?

Believe it or not, an overworked employee is an unproductive one.  That’s why employees need time to rest and recuperate. Leave management is the procedure of managing employee time-off requests in a fair, accurate, and efficient way.

The responsibility of controlling employee holidays requests falls onto the shoulders of supervisors, HR staff, and workforce management staff. For this reason, automated management systems can help your staff out and save them some time.


4. 6 Biggest Benefits of Leave Management Systems

A leave management system is an all-in-one board that manages all employees’ vacation requests while securing seamless functioning of their operations. Here’s a look at the 6 biggest benefits of purchasing a Leave Management System:


  • Removes manual interventions completely.
  • Enables real-time visibility of data.
  • Eliminates paperwork.
  • Secure legal compliance.
  • Improves communication.
  • Reflects your organization’s values.

This system will also help with your employees’ wellness.


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5. How Connect HR Cloud automates leave requests

If this is your first time listening about these kinds of management systems, the thought of moving it to a Leave Management Software might sound scary. But, the truth is, digitizing your leave management process can be done in a short time with HR Software.

Even though there are several kinds of ready-to-go leave management apps on the market, choosing a whole HRMS like Connect HR will give your business the power to focus on more important matters.

Free up the time of your HR managers, enabling them to focus on high-impact areas like culture, retention, and more with Connect HR Management. And learn how automated activities can help you to save time.

Here’s a sneak peek of how companies can customize leave management component to meet their needs:


·         Create a custom leave process

Connect HR has a predefined cloud design leave management component based on industry standards. However, everybody can customize according to their business needs.

Managers can modify the leave request form, change data fields, capture user credentials, apply policies, approve permissions, connect to databases, and do much more. So you have the right to make leave management procedures extensive or simple based on your business needs.


·         Configure the approval workflow

Once the leave request form is adjusted precisely, you can create your leave management workflow. First, create a longer workflow and submit it to a one-step approval where the request is first approved by the administrator, then reviewed by an HR staff, and later passed on to the payroll team for processing.

Finally, all stakeholders receive a notification through email or phone requesting them to quickly review and verify the data. So they have the option to approve, send back, or comment on the request.


·         Configure a list of holidays

Companies can enter their holiday list and access it with the leave management component. With this feature, you can create a list of approved holidays that are displayed to employees in a drop-down list. This eliminates any confusion about which holidays are approved and keeps everything in context.

This way your HR staff will stop wasting time on making all kinds of calendars to verify an existing holiday.


·         Track available and used days left

To fasten decision-making, the app can unveil an employee’s leave history with used leaves, balance, overtime, etc. So you can house your database inside the company and this will automatically get the necessary leave information based on the unique employee identification field.

After the leave approval, or at any point in the workflow, the number is updated without any need for human action.

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·         Create and export reports

Also, our incorporated reporting engine creates collaborative, flamboyant reports with the available leave information. You will be able to create reports for employees or business-wide reports to identify leave patterns and unlock data-driven insights. Once you create a report, you can export them quickly.


6. How can you integrate it with other HR processes?

Investigations have shown that a poor leave management process can cost organizations up to 22.1% of their payroll. Bad time-off practices don’t just affect employee productivity and self-esteem; they can also influence projects output.

So rather than purchasing standalone leave management software, companies can get bigger benefits by implementing an all-in-one HR Management System that comes with an incorporated leave management component.

Furthermore, HR Management System provides payroll, leaves, and reimbursement, and compliance management tools.  Software solutions like Connect HR Cloud decrease payroll errors and eliminate human intervention.

As well it removes paperwork, saves management time, and streamlines HR management procedures end-to-end.

Learn about the components of payrolls and how can you minimize payroll errors in our previous post.


7. Best leave management software in Dubai and the UAE with ConnectHR

So now that you are aware of the overall hassles of running leave management manually, the next step is to find the best professional partner that can do this tedious process for you.

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