Metlife Insurance

MetLife Insurance


Cover your whole team and obtain the best insurance benefits with MetLife Gulf. Let us give you the support you need to hire a top-insurance provider for your needs!

Languages supported

Arabic, English, Chinese

Regions supported

Americas, Asia, Europe, Middle East and Africa

Industries served

Technology, Health, Finance, Real Estate

Company Profile

MetLife Gulf has been providing top-notch insurance solution in the area for more than 65 years. Thanks to their support, finding smart solutions for every day’s needs becomes much easier. They have the necessary experience to adapt to any necessity. MetLife promises to help the insured party to meet their objectives and navigate life’s turns and twists. Their drive to always refining their offers and commitment to comprehending the kind of life you want to build, one that is ideal for you, your family, or your company, today and into the future, are the foundations of their success.

With MetLife Gulf’s support, insured companies can obtain strong medical coverage packages for their employees and their families.

MetLife Gulf has the proper accreditations to function as a high-profile insurance provider in the area.

They provide support online and via their MetLife app, so, insured individuals will not have to worry about dealing with the complexities of phone calls or emails. This premium insurer provides different plans according to the needs of their customers.

MetLife also provides their professional insurance services in more than 60 countries. This shows the growth they have been experiencing over their six decades of work. Consequently, making them top providers, not only in the UAE, but also around the globe.

Their more common plans are:

  • Live life now coverage
  • Secure plus coverage

Services of Company

The broader United Arab Emirates can obtain top-notch support with the health insurer Metlife, which has its headquarters in Dubai. This insurer makes sure that residents and visitors to the UAE have insurance regardless of where they are by providing healthcare plans that are both globally compatible and locally compliant.

Their services include:

  • Life Insurance
  • Accident insurance
  • Health insurance
  • Saving and Investment Coverage

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