Steps to building an excellent employee onboarding process

employee onboarding process

The early experiences of a new employee in a firm are crucial. Since they are contacted throughout the recruiting process until they have been with the company for a few months. As a result, it may determine the employee’s future durability inside the business. This is why the employee onboarding process is critical in every company.

In this article, let us walk through the stages necessary to create an outstanding employee onboarding process. Several factors impact this process. As a result, understanding it may make a significant difference in how long your employees stay with your company.


  1. What is employee onboarding?
  2. What would the onboarding process look like in 2022?
  3. Why is the onboarding process so crucial in any company?
  4. How have companies revitalized themselves with the automation of employee onboarding?
  5. What steps should your organization follow to achieve an effective employee onboarding process?
  6. How can your company benefit from the employee onboarding software?
  7. Make the onboarding process the best experience for your employees with our tools


1. What is employee onboarding?


HR Managers encounter a variety of issues daily. However, no procedure is more complex than hiring and onboarding. The demand is unquenchable, yet the skill pool is gradually shrinking. Finding the appropriate applicant has become more critical than ever despite the skills shortage.

This is the purpose of the employee onboarding procedure. While some HR managers view the onboarding as nothing more than new hire paperwork, more knowledgeable and motivated team members perceive it differently. As a result, it is vital to define the period between when the process starts and when it may be regarded as complete.

Connect HR has been able to mark the beginning and finish of the process, thanks to over 20 years of expertise. We consider the whole timeframe from the minute an offer is made to the time an employee becomes a positive contributor to the firm. As a result, it is critical to pay great attention to each procedure phase.

The employee onboarding process includes all of the processes that occur throughout this time. Onboarding processes include, for example, the training schedule, the orientation program, the establishment of performance measures, and others. As a result, onboarding occurs from when the offer is made until the person is settled in the business.


2. What would the onboarding process look like in 2022?

The talent market has weakened significantly as a result of the 2020 pandemic. This had a significant impact on how businesses attract new employees. Furthermore, as the business market has gotten more competitive, elite talent has become increasingly rare. As a result, a bunch of businesses is attempting to perfect the onboarding process.

The employee onboarding process introduces new workers to the surroundings and culture of the firm. However, the time required to do this may differ from one business to another. This is determined by how the firm designed the various parts of the process. Depending on the technique, each step may take longer in some circumstances.

Aspects of the employee onboarding process might be as easy as introducing new staff to their coworkers. However, it can be as tricky as delivering in-depth training on firm software and procedures. Similarly, several aspects comprise the core onboarding procedures in 2022.

The basics of onboarding include instructing new hires on the basic rules that characterize your company. Teaching new hires about their job tasks and performance expectations; assisting new hires in building relationships in your organization—furthermore, and instructing new employees on formal and informal established rules.


3. Why is the onboarding process so crucial in any company?

It is a crucial step in the company since it is the initial encounter between an employee and the organization. Organizations spend many hours looking for, interviewing, and recruiting qualified candidates. As a result, if the recruit leaves for a greener pasture, all labor has been wasted.

A suitable employee onboarding procedure is required to assist your recruits in settling in. Furthermore, it will help them become acquainted with the firm and better understand their career objectives. It will also enable them to strengthen interactions between firm employees and executives. You will obtain better staff engagement in your recruits in this manner.

Aside from the reasons described above, there seem to be a lot of other reasons why something is such an essential procedure. On Connect HR, we have described the value of the employee onboarding process for three reasons, thanks to our analytical group. These are the reasons:


3.1 Aids in increasing staff productivity

It will take time for a new employee to acclimatize to your workplace and expectations when they are initially employed. It might take up to 8 months for a new worker to become ultimately productive. Time to productivity evaluates how long it would take a new employee to become proficient on the job. This is determined by whether or not the individual has the requisite skills to execute their work effectively.

An efficient employee onboarding will offer them the necessary information and tools to be ultimately productive. You must educate your recruit on the numerous aspects of your organization and its function within it. In this manner, people can get right to work instead of learning their new job.



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3.2 Helps in attracting and retaining staff

When you receive an offer from your best applicant, you may believe that the recruitment process is concluded. However, employee onboarding is the stage that decides if the process is complete. In such a scenario, you will have to start over in a few months mainly because more than 20% of staff leave within the first 45 days.

This rapid turnover of new workers is due to a failure to effectively onboard them. Employees who receive strong backing from leaders and members in the early stages are more likely to work harder. As a result, more than 69 percent of employees would stay with a firm for three years if they had a positive employee onboarding experience.


3.3 Promotes employee engagement

A proper and successful employee onboarding process will increase employee engagement in your firm. This is because appropriate onboarding will embrace the employee to your company. While correctly advising them about how to prosper at your firm.

Employee engagement often peaks within the first 80 days of a new employee’s start. However, if levels of involvement are poor from the beginning, it might be challenging to boost them later on. Putting new workers through an entertaining and intelligent onboarding program can immediately increase engagement.

Furthermore, it will assist you in supporting and maintaining this commitment. This is critical for developing action plans in any firm.


4. How have companies revitalized themselves with the automation of employee onboarding?


Regardless of company size, HR leaders frequently have enough on their plates. They spend too much time looking for suitable materials that they are wary of when onboarding begins. Instead of adding to their exhaustion by requiring them to be doing things the old-fashioned way, automating can significantly minimize their effort.

Companies, nowadays, use employee onboarding software for this purpose. You may abandon the checklists and minimize manual reliance by using these digital tools.

You can simplify and optimize the approval process with automated hiring methods.

Furthermore, the procedure would be transparent, making it easy to retrieve status information or pinpoint problems. As a result of automatic onboarding systems, you will not have to chase around new workers and supervisors. You may confirm if they have performed the assigned duties using a centralized platform.

Companies depend more on digital solutions due to the widespread acceptance of the digital era. As a result, procedures like onboarding are among the most widely utilized digital solutions today. Every step of the employee onboarding process is streamlined, automated, secured, and improved.


5. What steps should your organization follow to achieve an effective employee onboarding process?

You began looking for the ideal people for specific tasks in your firm weeks or months ago. After making extremely appealing offers, they accepted and have approached your business again to apply. This is merely the start of the employee onboarding process.

Following that, you will have to dedicate time to assisting recruits in becoming fully adjusted to their positions and the culture. You have to stress the need to carry out this procedure successfully and efficiently. However, not all firms have the essential knowledge to implement the appropriate tactics throughout the process.

Onboarding is a critical chance to display your company’s values and culture. A pleasant and friendly onboarding process welcomes recruits and gives them an initial flavor of your business. As a result, we suggest that you follow the steps to create an efficient onboarding. These are:


5.1 Meet with key stakeholders to introduce new workers

Expose them to all of their essential stakeholders. Setting aside time to meet with staff members might be a critical element of their responsibilities. They can communicate their demands and dependencies and provide feedback to the company, among other things. This will help them understand their job in the company and why they are vital to it.


5.2 Assisting new entrants in developing internal links

After putting in the effort, losing a new hire during the first few days is an expensive and unsatisfactory proposition. An effective onboarding plan includes numerous components. Your recruit must establish as many internal interactions with colleagues as possible in the initial several weeks.

Small gatherings in the company’s recreation facilities will assist recruits in orienting themselves and gaining valuable insights.


5.3 Put the organization’s ideals and culture first

Include your company’s beliefs and culture in the employee onboarding process, and explain how they affect business objectives. It is also vital to note that by 2022, remote employees must be considered. Remote candidates will hit the ground running faster, reducing onboarding time.

This is key in a remote workplace when employees cannot socialize casually within an office. A personal goal statement exercise can also help new hires connect more deeply with the corporate culture.



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5.4 Teach them how they will contribute to the success of the organization

We recall that onboarding is acquiring your recruit with the culture. If you want individuals to be involved, make them feel significant during the onboarding process. Show them how they might make a difference by providing real-life examples of how their coworkers made a difference.

This technique results in an inspired employee of your staff from the start.


5.5 Make their first day at work a Friday

Although it may appear to be a farce, this is a critical phase in which you may exploit human psychology. Make your recruits start on Fridays rather than Mondays. Mondays are generally chaotic and full of unanticipated disruptions, leaving new employees to fend for themselves.

People are more relaxed on Fridays and have more time to engage with and adequately welcome a recruit. Furthermore, working on a Friday will make recruits eager to return to work the following Monday. They will return with a sense of familiarity and ease, ready to move ahead as team members.


6. How can your company benefit from the employee onboarding software?

You must have a good employee onboarding process to minimize last-minute misunderstandings and compliance difficulties. If you follow the steps that we mention above, you will see that the process becomes more efficient.

Furthermore, because your organization will provide an appealing onboarding experience, you will indeed be able to choose the most ambitious top talent.

This is possible with digital technologies such as employee onboarding software. These tools provide an endless number of ways to customize your onboarding experience. As a result, your firm will reap several benefits that will enhance its day-to-day operations. Among these advantages are:


  • It helps to reduce the turmoil caused by paperwork in companies.
  • Lowers the number of manual mistakes during the procedure.
  • Reduces human resource workload
  • Make your business stand out in the talent market.
  • Shortens the onboarding lifecycle
  • And much more.


7. Make the onboarding process the best experience for your employees with our tools

A successful onboarding process should motivate new workers to explore the new corporate terrain. Recruits might spend much less time buried under paperwork with an automated onboarding procedure. As a result, employees will have more time to devote to learning about the organization’s principles, exploring the workplace, and other activities.

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