UAE labor category list: Learn all about it

UAE labor category list: Learn all about it

With the UAE labour category list, you will know the categories of professions as well as what the skill levels are. This list is provided by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization by its acronym MOHRE. Plus, this list is always updated so you can use it as a guide to finding jobs in the Emirates.

In this article, you will learn about the categories of professions that are divided into skill levels. Also, we will show you the UAE employment visa professional list.

What are the Categories of Profession Skill Level in the UAE?

UAE labour category list

The MoHRE profession list presents 9 professional levels that have different criteria and classifications. Next, you will see what these categories are like:

Level 1: Legislators, Managers, and Business Executives

The first level of the UAE labour category list groups those professions that are at the highest levels. In this category are people with degrees and high qualifications in their fields of work. For example, managers, doctors, accountants, engineers, and those who specialize in digital marketing.

As for salary, it usually exceeds AED 12000 and they have approved qualifications. Below you will see the professions that belong to skill level 1:

  • Marketing Specialist
  • Rigger
  • Manager
  • Engineer
  • Doctor
  • Teacher
  • Executive Secretary
  • Pharmacist
  • Counter
  • Cartoonist
  • Computer Operator
  • Administration officer
  • Publisher designer
  • Public relations officer

2nd Level: Professionals in Scientific, Technical, and Human Fields

In this case, this level includes all professions that specifically involve technical or scientific skills. Generally, these citizens have a diploma or have an equal qualification in the area where they are specialists. Likewise, this category includes technicians, and mechanics, among others, and the salary they receive is equal to or greater than AED 7,000.

Additionally, to fall into this category you must possess an accredited post-secondary certificate. Below, you can see the professions that are within this UAE labour category list according to skill level:

  • Laboratory technician
  • Technical
  • Radiographer
  • Mechanical engineer
  • Architect
  • IT specialist
  • Electrical engineer
  • Interior designer
  • Quality control analyst
  • Graphic designer

3rd Level: Technicians in Scientific, Technical, and Humanitarian Fields

This level includes people who have completed their secondary or higher education studies in particular fields. The authorities of the country include in this group supervisors, receptionists, sales executives, and administrators. Similarly, in the category, you must have a salary of AED 5000 and you must have a certificate of having completed secondary education.

Likewise, in this skill category 3 are the following professions according to the UAE labour category list:

  • Receptionist in administration
  • Correspondence Clerk
  • Sales Executive
  • Sales representative
  • Receptionist
  • ATM
  • Site Supervisor
  • Store Manager
  • Ticket sales clerk
  • Customs clearance clerk
  • Tourist guide

Level 4 and 5: Unskilled Workers

At this last level are employees who do not have any special skills, and do not require any special qualifications. Likewise, this category includes construction workers, housekeepers, office workers and cleaners. Also, for these categories, the previous salaries were eliminated by the Resolution of the Labor Law of the Emirates.

Similarly, the authorities of the country include within this skill level category the following employees:

  • Office boy
  • General worker
  • Housewife
  • Loading and unloading worker
  • Assistant
  • Cleaner
  • Construction worker

Additionally, keep in mind that the UAE labour category list may have variations in terms of job classification. Likewise, according to MOHRE, the skill level of a profession is determined by qualification, salary, and responsibility

What is the Importance of MOHRE Profession List in Career Exploration?

UAE labour category listMOHRE’s UAE labour category list is a guide that can help you organize your career path. Likewise, with this list, you can transform your aspirations into concrete realities. Additionally, the list can demonstrate a structured approach so you can leverage your career. Also, it will allow you to make well-informed decisions about the career path for yourself; therefore, it is not a simple list of options.

Equally, when you search for the perfect career path, the list will be like a route to follow that will take you to your ideal destination. Moreover, it plays an important role in the development of your skills, giving you clarity regarding the competencies useful for your success. Likewise, this UAE labour category list is a connector between you and the ideal career in your chosen field.

Hence, you can find collaboration and it may open doors for mentoring and some knowledge for your professional growth. Likewise, the list works as an axis that aligns the aspirations of people with the labor demand of the emirates. It is also the guarantor of professional decisions that take into consideration the present work needs of future professions.

Strengthen skill development

If you want to start your professional growth, you can rely on the UAE labour professional list that will provide you with a strategic approach. Equally, in developing your skills, this list provides you with guidance on the specific competencies that will give you the professional success you want to achieve.

Likewise, if you want to increase your capabilities, you can use this list with its intricate details of skill requirements as a model. In the same way, in high-level jobs and other professions, it helps focus on the skills to develop for them. Also, these lists help align with the booming demand in the work environment of the UAE.

Likewise, it is important to know in depth what your strengths are as well as the weaknesses you may have. In this way, the MoHRE profession list is the ideal tool to diagnose you with an in-depth self-assessment and identification of the areas that you will need to improve.

Similarly, you can have a plan to develop your skills that are more personalized and much more effective for you. With the list, you can know what are the unique skills required in certain industries in Dubai. It also provides a localized vision that optimizes the effectiveness of skill development options.

Increase networking

The UAE labour category list is a catalyst for important connections and collaborative networks in career growth. Likewise, your professional aspirations and achievements increase your networking opportunities with this comprehensive resource. This list is a link that connects professionals with different industries in the Emirates.

Also, with the list, the transition you make from one profession to another can be done easily when you meet people with the same career paths. Therefore, with this collaboration, will allow you to open doors and find tutoring for you. Likewise, in the work environment of the emirates, the UAE labour category list has spatial importance.

Thus, it encourages people to expand their networks beyond the nearest companies by connecting professional domains. Furthermore, with this list of professions, a culture of cultural and knowledge exchange is cultivated. Likewise, the list allows you to show your skills and achievements and thus obtain the advice, mentoring, and guidance you need.

Consequently, you can get professional growth through all the characteristics we just mentioned.

Frequently Asked Questions

UAE labour category listWhat are the skill levels in the UAE?

According to MOHRE, there are 5 types of skills starting with level 1, which is the best qualified people, to level 5, which is people with the least qualifications. Additionally, in the first three levels you must have educational certificates and credentials, for other levels you will not need them.

How do you know your skill level?

The skill level appears as the first number in your employment code. However, if you want to know what your code is, you can call the MOHRE call center at 600 69 0000

What are the categories of labor visas in UAE?

Below, we will show you the UAE visa profession list so you can know what they are:

  • Green visa to work. This type of visa allows a person to sponsor themselves for 5 years. This way, you do not need an Emirati or an employer to sponsor you to work in the country.
  • Standard work visa. In this case, the regular work visa for two years requires a sponsor to work in a private company. Likewise, you can apply for a standard visa in the government sector or one of the Free Zones of the country.
  • Golden visa. This is a residence visa that allows foreign talents to live, work, or study in the Emirates. In this case, it may have a duration of 5 or 10 years for people eligible to obtain it. This includes investors, scientists, entrepreneurs, students, and frontline heroes, among others.
  • Domestic worker visa. Through the Tadbeer service, the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE) allows the hiring of domestic staff. However, the sponsor must meet certain requirements, such as having a salary equal to or greater than AED 5,000.

What are the company categories in UAE labor?

The company category in UAE consists of 3 levels, in which group 2 is divided into a series of subcategories A, B, C, and D. Therefore, a higher category company will pay low fees for work permits through the MoHRE.

What is Category 3 in UAE?

This category of companies is those that do not comply with some legal obligations established in the law. These engage in the falsification of the percentage amount of Emiratization, with human trafficking, and illegal jobs, among others.

What is Category 2 company in Dubai?

The 2nd company category in UAE is subdivided into the following categories:

  • Class 2A Companies. They are those that have a cultural diversity greater than 50% and 40% of the workers are qualified.
  • Class 2B Companies. In this case, they have a 50% cultural variety and 10 to 40% are qualified employees. In addition, companies with between 1 and 3 employees are also included in this classification, regardless of cultural diversity or qualifications. They also include companies with between 4 and 10 workers with 50% cultural diversity, without taking qualifications into account.
  • In type 2C companies. Companies in this classification have 50% cultural diversity and 5 or 10% of employees are qualified.
  • 2D class companies. They have less than 50% cultural diversity and less than 5% of their employees are qualified.

What is Category 1 company in UAE?

They have the minimum number of cultural diversity and well-qualified workers. For example, small or medium-sized establishments, and national fishing vessels are in this category. However, the decision about this categorization is up to the MoHRE.

Who is considered a skilled worker as per MOHRE?

For a worker to be classified as skilled by the MoHRE, he/she must meet the following conditions:

  • The employee must have a professional level as we previously stated.
  • The employee must have a higher than high school degree or some equivalent degree.
  • Additionally, the certificate will have to be approved by the corresponding authorities of the country.
  • Finally, the salary must be greater than AED 4000 without including any commission.

In conclusion, the UAE labour category list is a method that will allow you to do your career planning strategically. It will also allow you to enter the working environment of the Emirates with this complete list of professions and skills. Likewise, by knowing this list, you will be able to empower yourself in the development of your professional work skills in the country.

If you want more information about this or other topics, you can contact us and we will answer any questions you may have.

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