How to check labor cards online in the UAE?

UAE labor card

Among the mandatory documents that employees must have in the United Arab Emirates is the UAE labor card. You can obtain it through the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization (MoHRE). This entity contains information about the employer, employee, and the workplace. This document has several names; you can also find it by work permit.

In this article, we will show you how to do the UAE labor card check online, quickly and easily. We will also explain information about the definition of this document and why it is so important. In addition, we will give you details on how to obtain it and the time it may take to have access to the labor card UAE. Read on to learn more about this mandatory document for employees.

Understanding the UAE Labour Card

UAE labor cardAny worker in the United Arab Emirates must have a UAE labor card. This is regardless of the job you are doing. Workers in the private and public sectors must also have their respective work permits. Additionally, it is important to know that both foreign and local employees need it.

In order to access this UAE labor card, it is important to know the eligibility criteria. Below you will see all the relevant requirements.

  • The worker is at least 18 years old, but cannot exceed 60 years old.
  • Secondly, the applicant has to have high academic qualifications necessary for employment.
  • In addition, the person must pass a medical examination.
  • Finally, the applicant has to obtain a certificate from his or her country of origin.

You have to know that the UAE labor card has several benefits for the employer and the employee. In principle, it guarantees that the employee complies with all labor and safety regulations in the country. In addition, it provides a guarantee that employees receive their benefits and rights according to the employment contract.

On the other hand, it protects the employer from all sanctions or fines for hiring illegal workers. In addition, the UAE labor card facilitates the process of canceling or renewing the work permit and residence visa.

What is a UAE Labour Card?

A labor card in UAE is a document of utmost importance for all employees working in the UAE. This card is issued by authorized organizations. In this way, you find the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization or the free zone that corresponds to this case. In addition, the UAE work card will help you identify yourself within the country.

It is important that you carry your UAE labor card with you at all times. Your crucial identity card holds a vast amount of information. This includes the name of the worker, their employer, nationality, occupation, and expiration date. Additionally, you can find your personal identification number, work permit number, and employment card number.

In this way, the UAE employment card will serve as a vital reference point for the employer and the employee. This can ensure that the UAE labor market functions well. However, it is important to note that the UAE authorities do not physically issue job cards.

For this reason, you will need to obtain a UAE labor card online and download and print a copy of it. On the other hand, you should also know about the UAE employment law to better understand all the labor details of the country. This way, you can avoid any legal inconvenience within the country and learn more about your rights as a worker.

What is temporary labour card in UAE?

A Temporary Labour Card (TLC) is a short-term work permit issued to foreign nationals who wish to work in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This card is valid for up to one year, and is issued by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs in the UAE. It is required for any foreign national wishing to work in the UAE, and must be renewed each year. The card allows the holder to legally work in the UAE, and requires employers to provide a health insurance package for their employees.

How do I get a work permit in UAE?

In order to obtain a work permit in the UAE, you must have a valid residency visa. This can be obtained through your employer, who will need to apply for it for you. The employer must also provide a valid Labour Card, which is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation. Both of these documents are necessary in order to obtain a work permit in the UAE.

What is labour card check?

A labour card check in the UAE is a process used by employers to ensure that employees are legally eligible to work in the country. It involves the employee providing their passport, Emirates ID card, and work permit to the employer.

The employer then checks the documents against the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs’ records to verify the employee’s work permit status. This happens to ensure that the employee is legally allowed to work in the UAE and is not working illegally.

The labour card check is an essential step for employers to take as those found to be employing illegal immigrants can face severe penalties.

To do your labour card check, you must:

  • Download MOHRE app.
  • Log in with UAE Pass.
  • Click your prophile.
  • See the details of your labor card Dubai.

The benefits of doing a proper labour card check include:

  • Prevents illegal hiring of foreign workers
  • Increases transparency of employee records
  • Helps to ensure that legal and labor rights are respected
  • Helps to prevent exploitation of vulnerable workers
  • Reduces the risk of illegal activities
  • Helps create a more secure labor market

Overall, the labour card check in UAE provides several benefits for employers and workers alike. Not only does it help to prevent illegal employment, but it also helps protect the rights of workers, increase efficiency, and improve the quality of the workforce.

Is it important to check the UAE labor card?

Yes, it is very important to check the UAE labor card. This document is used to verify the identity of a worker and to ensure that they are legally employed in the country. It also serves as proof of the worker’s rights and entitlements, such as wages, hours of work, and other benefits. Therefore, it is crucial to verify the UAE labor card in order to protect the rights of the workers.

How to check labour card fine?

Doing your labour card check fine is an easy process:

  • Visit MOHRE’s website.
  • Click “services.”
  • Select “New Enquiry Services.”
  • Hit “Fine Calculator.”
  • Enter labor card Dubai number.

In this way, you will be able to do your labour card check.

How to check labour card fees?

The simplest way to do labour card check for fees in the UAE is to visit the website of the UAE MOHRE On the website, you will find a section that is dedicated to providing information about labour card fees. This section contains the latest information about labour card fees in the UAE, including the fee amount and applicable duration.

You can also check labour card fees in the UAE by visiting the local office of MOHRE. At the office, you can inquire about the current labour card fees and get assistance in calculating the applicable fee amount.

Finally, you can also use the MOHRE mobile app to do labour card check for fees in the UAE. The app contains all the necessary information about labour card fees. Including the applicable fee amount and duration.

What is the labour quota check?

Labour quota check is an important process in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which helps ensure that employers are not overstaffing their workforce. The UAE Labour Law requires that employers maintain a certain number of employees in relation to the number of workers they have employed. The labour quota Check helps employers to stay compliant with the law and ensure that they are not overstaffing their workforce.

The process of conducting a labour quota check in the UAE involves obtaining a copy of the labour quota from the MOHRE. The quota is a government-issued document that specifies the maximum number of employees that can be employed in each profession and sector. It also defines the minimum number of employees in each profession and sector.

Once the labour quota has been obtained, employers can start the process of verifying their staff against the quota. Employers should review the list of employees they have working and compare it to the quota. This to ensure that they are not exceeding the maximum number of employees in each profession and sector.

If employers find that they are exceeding the maximum number of employees, they must take necessary steps to reduce the number of employees in each profession and sector. This can happen by either reducing the number of employees in certain professions or sectors, or by offering incentives to employees who are willing to take voluntary redundancies.

UAE Labour Card Information and Processing

UAE labor cardThe UAE labor card contains relevant information about the employer and the employee. For instance, the name, nationality, identification number, salary and expiration date. You should know that the labor card can be verified online through the MoHRE website or through the mobile application. Performing online verification allows the employee and employer to check the status of the work card. In addition, being able to consult the details of the employment contract.

On the other hand, you have to know that the work card can be requested, canceled, or renewed through the online system. You have to enter the MoHRE website or app or go to the authorized centers. The renewal, application, or cancellation process requires a series of documents and the payment of some fees.

What is the Importance of a UAE Labour Card?

The UAE labor card is essential for you to work in the country. In addition, it is necessary so that you can access all benefits that are related to work. This way, employees have to enter card information into payroll systems.

Additionally, this can be used to manage requests for health insurance.

If the system has the correct information, it is easier to handle certain aspects. Among these aspects, you find precise working hours, annual leave, and payments for sick days.

In this way, without the labor card, it would be impossible to establish employee benefit systems. Therefore, if a problem arises with the card you should fix it immediately.

Additionally, the labor card ensures that you comply with all UAE labor regulations. Where, you can currently find the working day, which has a maximum of 48 hours per week and 8 hours per day. On the other hand, you have overtime, which is limited to 2 hours for most industries. Lastly, these hours must be compensated correctly.

It is important to know that employers must provide their employees with working conditions that are safe and fair. An example of this is, employers have to provide employees with appropriate safety equipment. Additionally, employees cannot be discriminated against because of their religion, disability, or sex.

How to obtain a UAE labour card?

In order to obtain a labor card in the United Arab Emirates, one must collect and finish all the necessary documents, such as a valid passport, residence visa, Emirates ID, health card, and an agreement with a local employer. These must then be submitted to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE). After the files have been accepted and approved, a labor card with a unique number will be issued and valid for two years. To renew the card, the employer must resubmit updated documents and the card must be updated with the new information.

How Long Does It Take to Receive a UAE Labour Card?

The time in which you will be able to receive your UAE labor card will depend on many factors. Among these, you find the type of permit, the date of arrival in the country, and the place of work. Typically, a work permit is obtained within 60 days of arriving in the country.

However, it may take 3 to 5 business days after you get approval from the ministry. In addition, you can check labor cards online in UAE for free and obtain a digital version. For this reason, it is recommended that you seek advice to learn more about the duration it may take to obtain your UAE labor card.

How Long is the Application Submission Time of the UAE Labour Card?

UAE Labor CardIn order to start your career in the UAE you will need a work permit. This work permit must be requested by the employer for each employee. It is important to mention that you can obtain the UAE labor card while obtaining the work permit.

On the other hand, foreign employees must also have a residence visa. This document will allow them to live and work in the United Arab Emirates.

The application submission time will depend on how long it takes to complete the application process. That is why below you will see all the steps that must be followed to have access to this mandatory card.

First step: Obtain approval of the visa or permit fee from MoHRE. If the company is located in free zones, there is an exception. This is that permission must be obtained before the employee enters the UAE.

Second step: You must have a contract letter. This agreement must have the signature of both the employee and the employer. Additionally, it must be in both English and Arabic.

Third step: The Ministry better known as MoHRE will issue the employee an entry visa or pink visa. This will allow the worker to enter the country.

Fourth step: All employees must undergo a medical examination to receive the relevant documentation. In addition, they have to provide other papers to be able to complement the official application. Finally, you must visit the Emirates ID service center.

Fifth step: Once the employer is granted permission, the employee’s passport can be officially stamped. In addition, the collection of Emirates ID and work permit.

Government Processing Time

The processing time that the government takes to process the UAE labor card may vary depending on different factors. For instance, type of permit and place of work. Generally, the processing time to obtain an entry permit for employment is three days. In addition, the amount of time for processing the UAE labor card must be added, which is usually ten days.

In summary, if there is no problem the processing time is 13 days. Of course, by the government.

Below, we will show you some of the factors that may affect the processing time of the UAE labor card application.

Type of visa or permit: There are different types of work permits depending on the nature and location of the work. It is important to note that each type of visa may have different requirements and, therefore, different processing times.

Nationality of the worker: Some countries may have certain restrictions or additional requirements to obtain a visa in the UAE. All of these restrictions may affect the processing time and therefore the approval of the application.

The volume of applications at MoHRE: There are some periods in which MoHRE receives many applications. That is high seasons or periods of high demand. During these periods the processing time may be longer. The reason is thanks to the greater number of requests that are received and they have to review each one of them.

What is the Employer’s Role in the UAE Labour Card Process?

Importantly, all employers have a role to play in the process. In principle, it is essential to keep in mind that an employer has to guarantee the following:

  • First, do not have expired employment cards and have your records in order.
  • The employee’s salary or salary must be commensurate with his or her job duties. This also takes into account the bonuses.
  • Finally, the company has to adhere to all MoHRE procedures.

All employers should know that it is their responsibility to provide workers with the UAE labor card. The maximum time to do so is within 60 days after the applicant is in the country. Failure to do so within this time may result in fines or sanctions for the company. For this situation, the fine is approximately AED 500. Additionally, working without a permit will provide additional penalties.

To view the fines on their UAE labor card, people have to enter the MoHRE website. The process is similar to when you want to find details about the document to print it. The difference is that instead of pressing print the card, you have to click on the fine calculator option. Before that, you had to select the services option. They will ask you to enter the card number, and later you will be able to see your fines if they exist.

The employer’s role in this application process is extremely important. Specifically, the employer must perform the following functions.

  • In principle, employers have to apply for entry permission for foreign employees.
  • The employer has to request a work permit for the worker, which will depend on the type and place of work.
  • Cancel or renew the work permit and the UAE labor card when necessary.

How much is the labour card fee in Dubai?

The current labour card fee in Dubai is AED 170.

Are labour card and Emirates ID different?

Yes, labour card and Emirates ID are distinct from one another. The labour card is issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MOHRE) to all employees who have a valid work permit and is used to keep track of the employee’s work history and other job-related information. The Emirates ID, on the other hand, is an identification card issued by the Federal Authority for Identity and Citizenship (FAIC) to UAE nationals and residents and is used for identity verification, tracking, and accessing government services.

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