What is ESS? How employee self-service can benefit your company

An employee self-service portal is one of the best tools your company can have. It helps employees to be assisted to in a timely and efficient manner. It also has other benefits that help streamline HR processes, leaving time to focus your efforts on growing.

In this article, we explain everything you need to know about ESS and how it benefits your business. See what are the features provided by this type of technology and more by reviewing the following points:

1. What is an employee self-service portal or ESS?

2. What are the modules of an employee self-service portal?

3. How does an employee self-service portal impact company performance? – Benefits

4. We offer you the best employee self-service portal for your company


1. What is an employee self-service portal or ESS?


An employee self-service portal, or ESS, is one option that is available in the current HRIS. It allows employees to take care of several tasks that correspond to Human Resources. In addition, employee self-service helps companies save time as well as increase performance.

On the other hand, evolving corporate entities demand that Human Resource methods also change. With the introduction of this self-service software, a significant and efficient advance has been achieved in this area, making life easier for HR managers.


1.2 How does an employee self-service portal work?

The ESS is usually available to the employee on the portal of the company where they work. In it, workers can access databases that facilitate the search for information. Also, this interactive network has a combination of advanced automated systems and user support.

They include forums, and discussions such as common social networks where employees can congregate to interact with each other.

Likewise, an SSE portal can positively transform your company but for this, it is necessary to work together. Both the manager and the Human Resources department must have the perfect gear for the development of this work tool in the company.


1.3 Considerations to take into account when implementing an employee self-service portal

Before deciding to incorporate HRMS software, you must consider the advantages and disadvantages of using this service in your company. You should note that this system is not for all types of companies. In addition, training for the use of an ESS portal is critical, from the manager to the staff in general.

Therefore, receiving the advice of specialists on the matter is a good recommendation. Also, once the system is implemented, make sure your employees are comfortable using it by the time they complete the training.


2. What are the modules of an employee self-service portal?

An employee self-service (ESS) portal has several modules where you can move both personal and company information. Also, you can have all this software according to the needs of your company, asking for just specific purposes. The key features of the ESS portal are, usually, the following:


2.1 Benefits administration

One benefit you can get from ESS software is that employees who have medical life insurance with your company can review their policies. In addition, they can view account statements, as well as download and store the benefits card. When your staff, instead, does it manually, it can become a time-consuming and exhausting task.


2.2 Employee scheduling

Another benefit of an ESS portal is tracking the schedules of your employees simply and effectively. In the same way, employees can see their updated schedule at the time they require. Furthermore, through this program, they can request time off since they can easily communicate with the HR department or their immediate superior.

In addition, this portal allows management to search for replacement staff for workers on sick leave. Also, it facilitates the process for employees who request days off and everything will be recorded.


2.3 Management of employee training and learning

With an employee self-service portal, if any member of your company’s staff has courses to take, they can access their lessons through it. This system will keep track of training time consistent with the available schedule of the worker.

On the other hand, when adding new staff to your workforce, efficient and accessible learning and development are essential. That is why, with an ESS at their disposal, HR staff can meet the employee to hire. Likewise, they will know the experience that they have regarding the job for which they are hired.

With ESS, you will avoid a long and complicated incorporation process.


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2.4 Payment on-demand

If you offer employees payments on-demand, they can request them through the self-service software. In addition, they can better keep trace of and manage their employee benefits.


2.5 Online payroll comes with the employee self-service portal

HRM software provides your employee with the option to view and print pay stubs at any time. This self-service software shows you the complete payroll, both current and past. This helps save time when making comparisons concerning the printed one.

In addition, you can give hard copies of all payments to your employees just by using the right tool.


2.6 License application and approval

The employee service portal has a function for requesting leave from mobile devices and computers. In the same way, it allows administrators to approve or reject requests through such. Consequently, both employees and managers save time and resources by doing these procedures on the spot.


2.7 Markup online

An excellent benefit that an ESS portal offers you is the online dialing of assistance outside the company and when they are traveling. This allows managers to track employees on their travel routes.


2.8 Employee attendance

With HRMS software, employees can observe their attendance at the company, which contributes to the approval of it in the payroll. Additionally, if a contradiction occurs in the payroll, employees can request a correction.


2.9 Attendance regularization

The regularization of attendance in an ESS system allows for the correction of your employees’ attendance.  Likewise, once the correction request has been made, the system will update itself. This way, you can have your employees’ data easily updated.


2.10 Shift details on the phone

With this HR & payroll software system, your staff can see the work shifts from any telephone device. Likewise, you can notify changes in shifts and have updated work schedules for the entire work team.


2.11 Human Resources documents online

When you need to post policy documents, you can do so seamlessly through the employee service portal. You will have the option to make your publications in a very simple but also effective way, knowing that it will reach everyone.


2.12 Employee documents

Your staff can upload their documents for the Human Resources team to review. In the same way, the HR department will find it easier to organize all the incoming documentation. Also, we invite you to learn more about how to choose the most suitable document management software.


2.13 Notifications and alerts

An employee self-service portal allows you to generate notifications and alerts for HR managers and employees. For example, the expiration of driving licenses, expiration of the passport, date of next vacation, as well as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.


2.14 Income tax returns 

There are countries where income tax is calculated based on wages, as well as declared income and investments. An ESS makes it easier for your employees to file taxes online more efficiently. In this sense, it helps the human resources staff to calculate the income tax digitally.


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3. How does an employee self-service portal impact company performance? – Benefits

The moment you start implementing an employee self-service ESS portal in your company, you will immediately see productivity and efficiency gains. This is possible because both managers and Human Resources staff will save labor hours by easily managing solutions to scheduling problems.

Additionally, your staff can access scheduling information directly and other information from home.


3.1 Accommodate changes in employee expectations with an employee self-service portal

It is easier to meet your employees’ expectations through the use of an employee self-service portal. It allows line managers to hear from them directly. In an expanding company, direct communication, which is necessary to learn about staff concerns, can become difficult.


3.2 More optimized systems

In previous times, all the data information of the Human Resources department was incorporated by a person qualified for this function. In addition, payroll and other tasks were also performed by another person hired for that purpose. Now, self-service portals perform all these tasks and more without errors, saving you money.


3.3 Accessible anywhere and at anytime

An employee self-service portal is cloud-based. The user can always access it without problems. Also, no one will have to wait to go to the main office to log into the ESS portal. For example, you can implement a self-service app for your employees to use on their mobile devices.

This gives them the security they need to access their data comfortably and easily. They will only need to download the app or have their IT department add it to their phones.


3.4 Error reduction

The system eliminates human errors, which have always been a recurring factor when manually entering information into the system. Using HR software virtually eliminated all these errors, making it easier for managers to spot mistakes in employee data. At the same time, you can reduce errors in the income of newly recruited employees.


3.5 An employee self-service portal improves Human Resources functionality

Regarding functionality, your HR management will be enhanced with the addition of an employee self-service portal. From here, you will find answers to concerns about your data or queries on any topic.


3.6 Reduced HR workload

Facilitating the work of Human Resources will result in a decrease in the workload. Therefore, employees will have more time to devote to other important tasks. In addition, everything your staff needs to be informed will be found in the ESS.

Also, your staff can improve their skills, making them more useful employees, in addition to reducing staff turnover.


3.7 Easier self-service audit and compliance

With the use of HR & payroll software, data audits will be easier and more accurate since the reliability of the data is guaranteed. This translates into better integrity and legislation in companies.


3.8 Employee empowerment

The feeling of empowerment of workers when using an employee self-service portal makes them feel more confident in having control over their information. In addition, this creates a good, reliable and safe work environment, where the employee can develop along with the expiation of their company.


4. We offer you the best employee self-service portal for your company

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