10 features that every employee self-service portal must have

employee self-service portal

Employees are a critical component of every company’s organization. Any organization may survive because of them and their hard work. Otherwise, The lack of employees would destroy the organization. Focusing on personnel management is therefore critical for streamlining the overall business. The employee self-service portal is one of the most extensively utilized technologies nowadays.

In this article, we will discuss ten elements that your company’s employee self-service portal should have. Many CEOs and managers are solely concerned with the benefits these portals may provide to their organizations. However, relatively few people take the time to consider the many qualities they should have adequately.


  1. What is an employee self-service portal?
  2. Which are the most important features your employee self-service portal should have?
  3. Why is it essential to implement an ESS system in 2022?
  4. What should you keep in mind when implementing an ESS system?
  5. How to educate employees to use the full potential of the employee self-service portal
  6. What benefits will your organization gain by implementing an ESS system?
  7. Connect HR offers you solutions with world-class employee self-service portals


1. What is an employee self-service portal?


Companies have altered their business practices after COVID-19’s devastation of the commercial market. Due to intense rivalry, most businesses are now operating at breakneck speed. Because of the heavy workloads, several human resources departments have been forced to close.

As the person in charge of personnel management, it is critical to provide various ideas to increase the department’s efficiency. These options are time management software, HR and payroll software, HRMS, and others. However, a supplement to these remedies has recently gained popularity: employee self-service.

Employee self-service, often known as ESS, enables businesses to operate more effectively and save necessary working time. Employees, supervisors, and leaders all have access to ESS through portals. Furthermore, ESS improves data accuracy by allowing employees to handle some administrative tasks independently.

The demand for a digital workplace is gaining appeal among HR departments in several firms. Many businesses continue to use outdated approaches to manage this department. This results in the previously indicated increased workload. As a result, ESS systems assist businesses in saving necessary work time in the appropriate areas.


2. Which are the most important features your employee self-service portal should have?

As a platform that unites everyone in a company under one umbrella, a portal enables increased productivity and performance. If you want to have the most significant employee portal in your company, you must hunt for the best features. In this manner, you may achieve a well-organized workflow while increasing staff engagement.

These portals will serve as a conduit for workers to communicate with the company’s administrative divisions. As a result, aspects like security, a user-friendly UI, and others are critical. Whether you have an employee self-service portal with the correct capabilities, the advantages will quickly trickle down throughout the corporation.

That is why, in today’s article, we will explain some of the different features that your ESS must-have.


2.1 An accessible social networking platform

Many employees may be working as subcontractors on multiple projects. These outsourced employees could use the social connection option to connect with other employees on the employee portal. This fosters a positive work culture by making employees feel like they are a part of the firm because they can communicate with others digitally.

Companies may guide the attention of their workers without compromising the utility of social media by introducing social intranet technologies. This minimizes an employee’s usage of social media while at work.


2.2 Document management

Businesses are transitioning to a paperless environment. With consuming automation technology, quick, high-quality data access is critical. A transformation in data management is already on the horizon in such a dynamic future. Companies are increasingly using spreadsheets, papers, and online presentations.

Keeping the document management safe and secure provides the employee and team with a more incredible feeling of organization. Information sharing, keeping track of papers, and providing additional facilities engage the team in the job. This will result in increased employee engagement in your firm.


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2.3 Workflows

A solid workflow makes it easier for a team to collaborate on a particular assignment. A better outcome is predicted with excellent teamwork. According to our organization’s research, more than 90% of firms deliver projects utilizing workflow management solutions. Many employee benefits are acquired due to this, which greatly assist the organization.

Obtaining more organized documentation gets easier, project monitoring becomes smoother and more convergent toward a stated goal, and much more. This feature provides all of these advantages and many more. So, if you anticipate a team in your business overcoming significant amounts of data, the integration process is the ideal solution.


2.4 Event management

There are constantly activities going in and around businesses, whether you are a small or large organization. These gatherings might be formal, recreational, or business-related in nature. In every organization, events are among the most exciting activities. To develop a great event, you must plan ahead of time. Here is where event planning in any company comes into play.

Incorporating this technology into an ESS system keeps employees up to date on corporate happenings. Additionally, planning and managing events using these portals simplifies things for the HR team. Event management may achieve better employee engagement, resulting in a more robust business culture among employees.


3. Why is it essential to implement an ESS system in 2022?

With a tremendous workload, HR departments must simplify as many departmental operations as feasible. Human resources staff no longer need to devote as much time to many of these duties because of employee self-service portals. Employees may manage and change information on their own with a self-service system, boosting data accuracy in the firm.

Because of their ease of use, these add-on HR solutions will be increasingly essential in 2022. Employees may use an employee self-service portal from their PC, smartphone, and other devices. Employees may access basic HR information, earnings statements, benefit summaries, and more through this portal.

Employee management has considerably improved as a result of this. In reality, employees no longer need to go to HR professionals to obtain this information. Process streamlining is enhanced as a result. This helps not just the workers but also the whole firm.

Furthermore, having rapid access to information reduces stress for employees since they may examine the report at any moment. As a result, they may begin making necessary preparations and return to their everyday responsibilities while remaining productive. As a result, employees are more engaged and happy with the process.


4. What should you keep in mind when implementing an ESS system?

There were always reservations among firm leaders and managers about adopting ESS portals. It is not a bad thing; on the opposite. It is critical to remember the negative features of its implementation that may stymie the organization’s productive path. The most prevalent issues are typical:


  • While cloud services have become more common, employees may still be hesitant to submit sensitive information online. The organization should check that HR software is compliant and that it has all of the necessary security certifications to keep the data safe.
  • While a training program may help your staff become acquainted with the self-service tools, employees may still want assistance during problems. In such circumstances, HR specialists are tasked with addressing their questions, resulting in double work. This can cause a bunch of problems for both parties.
  • Dealing with erroneous data: Despite extensive training, staff may not completely comprehend how to utilize the tools. As a result, there is a chance that their misunderstanding will result in incorrect data. They may be unsure how to enroll in benefits, renew their tax or insurance documents, etc. This might be confusing for the HR teams.


4.1 What are the necessary elements to keep in mind when choosing an employee self-service software?

You must consider many factors before selecting an ESS system. As stated before in the article, some qualities are required for the system to work correctly. However, several factors have an impact on how it works. Among these are:


  • Choosing software that can expand your organization is beneficial. You may not require all of the functionality that an employee self-service portal typically provides. However, if your company grows, you will want scalable software that can keep up.
  • Additionally, HR teams must also connect your firm’s software with an employee self-service portal. The idea is to develop a software ecosystem that collaborates to better your organization.
  • It is critical to determine your company’s needs to achieve the preceding two goals. Organizations do not always fail in all facets of human resources. However, they all have flaws. So thoroughly research and define your company’s requirements to attain the ideal environment.


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5. How to educate employees to use the full potential of the employee self-service portal?

Employee self-service portals still are underutilized by businesses. Although they have been in use for many years, there is plenty to learn and explore. For this reason, enterprises should fully utilize these characteristics to improve their operations. You can make the employees feel more empowered and connected to the firm by enhancing employee autonomy.

Executives and HR professionals should be able to minimize work time by strengthening such autonomy. As a result, both the human resource department and employee management will become more productive. To do this, HR teams must realize the full potential of these gateways.

Companies specialized in business solutions, such as Connect HR, have developed several techniques to maximize the value of these portals. If we named each of these tactics, you would become tired of reading this article. As a result, Connect HR provides an effective audit service in which we explain these tactics in detail.

However, there are six techniques to consider to leverage the possibilities of these portals fully. You will be able to shape the employee self-service portal for your firm by implementing these ideas. As a result, you will develop an optimal relationship between your staff and the self-service portals. Among these strategies are:


  • Deliver a wide variety of self-service options
  • Make the portal as social as possible
  • Encourage employees to use self-service on an ongoing basis
  • Promote self-service right from the start
  • Assign tasks throughout the self-service portal
  • Ensure that the system is up to the company’s tasks


6. What benefits will your organization gain by implementing an ESS system?

Self-service portals are a godsend to the HR staff as they handle many of the most mundane chores. They stop playing the operational role and emphasize the strategic outcome when using the portal. Over 70% of full-time workers expect to handle their HR responsibilities independently. As result, a lot of businesses are choosing to install HR solutions that include employee self-service portals.

There are several advantages that these portals provide to the firm. The company offers several staff perks by simplifying specific operations. As a result, the company will become significantly more productive and efficient. Some of the advantages that employee self-service portals provide are as follows:


  • Improves the accuracy
  • Compliance with the data
  • Time-saving on administrative tasks
  • Improvements in the onboarding process
  • Advances in the employee-administrative organization connection
  • Increased employee engagement
  • Allows for more precise employee management
  • And many other benefits.


7. Connect HR offers you solutions with world-class employee self-service portals

Many HR departments fight to govern the organization in today’s challenging business environment. If your firm is experiencing these issues, it is critical to consider deploying an HR system with employee self-service portals. Your organization will benefit from more outstanding production and efficiency due to this.

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