What are the latest trends in HR technology?


At its core, Human Resources is all about individuals; but each year HR is closer to technology. For instance, robots or artificial intelligence are already a reality as technology is becoming crucial in the process of retaining and attracting new workers. On other hand, AI and automation are just a little part of the latest HR Technology developments for this decade.

In this article, we will make sure you understand everything in regards to the latest trends in HR technology and why they are becoming so important. In addition, you will realize that tech innovation is everywhere and why you need to be on the frontline. On the other hand, in the last 20 years, there have been several innovations in the area. Let’s observe:


  1. What is HR Technology?
  2. Why is HR tech so important?
  3. What are the benefits of HR tech?
  4. What will be the most influential HR tech trends for 2022?
  5. How can Connect HR keep you up to date with the latest trends in HR technology?


      1. What is HR Technology?

If you have ever questioned, “What is HR technology?” you are not on your own. HR tech (human resources technology) is a wide set of terms that includes the tools that HR staff use to achieve a better worker experience.

In the same vein, HR systems can safely store data, provide analytic tools to allow strategic decision-making, and automate daily processes within the company. In addition, activities such as onboarding, performance management, employee communication, and pay can be managed on a digital HR system.

For instance, HR systems are more popular than ever, learn what is a Human Resource Management system.

However, automating these activities will save your company money and time and; in addition, it reduces ground for human error, preventing mistakes from occurring, and limiting liability. Similarly, cloud-based HR systems are accessible from everywhere, making them suitable for the current flexible work climate. In addition, both workers and the company are able to check or upload data from home or on the go.

In this decade, HR technologies are no longer an option, it is crucial for business success. Moreover, research shows that businesses using HR software surpass those that do not. That is to say, HR professionals that do not take advantage of these systems will be left behind. In 2021, HR technologies developed faster than in 2020 in order to meet the needs of organizations.

That is why HR technologies are essential and better integrated than ever before.


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      2. Why is HR tech so important?

Thanks to globalization and the technological revolution, the world we are living in are different from the one we lived in 10 years ago. Thus, the business world is changing and the technology we are using is too. One of the important things the pandemic taught us is that we are continuously relying on the technology that surrounds us.

Covid-19 shaped the way we work for the better, here are some challenges businesses are facing during the outbreak.

It kept us connected with our family, and it has assisted many to keep working remotely. It made our lives easier.

However, the same applies to HR technology. Further, a report found that businesses are increasing the importance of technology applied to human resources. Similarly, this report explored the efficiency of tech investments from 600 HR and HR IT leaders worldwide. According to the results, an increasing number of companies are using tech as a driver for success in the future of work.


      3. What are the benefits of HR tech?

Finding the right HR tech provider for your company is sometimes an easy matter; it comes to determining what you are looking for in it. In addition, you must think for the future and put some thought into how you plan to use it or what use you are going to give it in the first place.

You can find the ideal software or system in no time; do you do not need to worry. However, finding the right partner is crucial. Working with us, your business will be more streamlined than you ever thought possible.

If you want to keep learning, you can read our in-depth guide about the importance of attendance in nowadays businesses.

Here are 5 benefits that you will obtain from incorporating the right HR tech into your organization.


      3.1 More focused and efficient recruiting efforts

If you are struggling to fill a position in your business; HR technology can allow you to do faster and better hiring decisions. Likewise, this software can include applicant tracking to manage the hiring activity. In addition, it can allow you to build a database of qualified resumes that you can search for when a position opens.

After that, your managers are able to rely on the system to organize all interviews, track responses after interviews, and rank the candidates.


      3.2 Actionable analytics easily accessible

If you are hiring new workers and your business is not growing the way you wanted; HR specialists like us can access the data to allow you to determine what is going on. For instance, we can help you to find if one specific department is turning over or what are the costs associated with this turnover are, etc.

Similarly, when you keep your HR information in a database, you can track the costs as well as the characteristics of long-term, successful workers. Thus, having this type of analytics available when you need them will allow you to plan easier.


      3.3 Support for key HR compliance issues

Certainly, a broad HR system can allow you to determine if your next growth movement will move the business into a different category. Similarly, once you cross the applicable worker measurement, HR software will allow you to meet the specific compliance requirements.


      3.4 Less chance for data-entry and errors

There is a high chance of error if your business is still relying on paper-based systems or various systems that are not integrated such as benefits, payroll, and vacation. In the same vein, changes are high if your team is inputting data by hand at some point in this process.

Above all, manual data entry is time-consuming and error-prone. Thus, investing in the best HR technology will make your processes accurate and efficient by automating tedious tasks; as well as integrating information system-wide.

For example, if one of your workers chooses a new healthcare plan during open enlistment; the change is carried over and reflected in their payroll deductions instantly. Without the need for manual updates.


      3.5 More time for HR strategies

We all know it takes longer to do things on paper or transfer information between different systems. And time is equal to money, especially when you think about how many hours your HR department wastes manually entering data or fixing errors caused by manual processes.

The right HR system will free your HR staff from several administrative and data entry activities. Therefore, they will have time to focus on profit-generating tasks; for instance, planning for your growing workers and assisting the managers to retain and identify top talent.


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      4. What will be the most influential HR tech trends for 2022?

As we move forward into the future of work, there are a few HR areas we must focus on. Similarly, you must have in mind what tactics you will use to attract highly-skilled individuals, and the labor model will you use in the future if performance agreement is a priority for your business. Thus, it is important to consider these factors before you choose the right partner.

In the same vein, you must also think about worker development, retaining and attracting talent, and improving worker experience. And make sure you prioritize these areas when you are developing business strategies in the future.


      4.1 HR Tools Migration to the Cloud

In this year, many businesses have a hard time disconnecting between different areas of HR management. On the other hand, talent managers tend to rely on multiple solutions to automate onboarding, payroll, performance evaluation, and hiring.

Choosing skilled and talented individuals is crucial to your business success, learn about the best manpower supply and labor services in the UAE.

Cloud-based HR solutions allow you to increase the accessibility of HR activities, allowing all members of your staff to access the updated data anytime. Likewise, the benefits of this type of solutions are prolific:


  • It reduces the risk of human error during the data entry process.
  • Encourage independence within the staff and promotes collaboration.
  • Reduces the expenses of handling the everyday assignments.
  • Save the company time and money.
  • Easier to update and flexible.


      4.2 Technology upgrade for remote work

2020 marked a massive change towards remote work. That is to say, this trend has been slowly increasing in the last decade, but the pandemic boosted it massively and made remote work a reality for most workers. However, new HR technology trends followed.

Certainly, businesses must ensure remote workers from different locations have the same learning opportunities and have no issues in the remote working process. While there are several examples of HR systems that suit remote work; 2022 will see a variety in these systems and an overall improvement.


      4.3 Focus on data security

There is a bigger reliance on cloud technologies and the tech sector; thus, there is a responsibility to protect personal and sensitive data. In addition, this trend will provide increased security as an additional feature, but also encourage businesses to adopt new processes. On the other hand, if you want to implement a system with improved security and data management in your company; you must prepare your HR staff to prepare your workforce for changes in conduct.


      4.4 Worker self-service tools

HR managers are the link between project management and execution (worker) teams; thus, they are constantly overwhelmed with assignments and tasks. Similarly, a talent manager is every worker’s go-to person for data gathering and workplace updates.

In addition, the leap in HR technology allowed the development growth of self-service tools. In the same vein, such platforms allow talent managers to keep the staff up to date without answering each worker’s inquiries.

Further, the impact of self-service activities will be massive once they are common in the workplace. Here are some benefits companies will access when implementing a self-service system:


  • Improved transparency.
  • Higher administrative efficiency.
  • Real-time updating for Employees.
  • Boosted staff morale reducing burnout.


      4.5 Blockchain integration

As businesses embrace digital improvement, business managers must take care of these new challenges such as access management and data security. In addition, that is why teams must think about implementing HR trends; such as blockchain, to ensure workspace transparency and data integrity.


      4.6 People analytics tools

One of the problems affecting overall productivity and worker retention rates is the difference between the business’ goals and those of the staff. Thus, businesses unknowingly fail to provide proper talent with development and growth or are focusing on the wrong areas.

Data analytics systems are the link between employees and business managers. Further, they use artificial intelligence and data science to collect, research, and process worker data, and discern patterns from it.

Here is how this tool is used in different stages of HR management:


  • Training: it allows you to determine the worker’s ambitions, encourage team members, and sharpen their skill set.
  • Engagement: it allows you to map out worker engagement levels, receive customized reports with relevant tips, and determine the contributing factors to the fluctuations.
  • Employability: it determines the methods to use the organization’s internal workforce to avoid hiring new workers.


      5. How can Connect HR keep you up to date with the latest trends in HR technology?

We understand that your business needs the right HR management tools and systems in order to successfully expand. Therefore, in ConnectHR we are fully committed to providing your business with the best practices in this area. In the same vein, when you work side-by-side with us, you obtain various benefits, and we will take care of your company in the next areas:


  • Attendance.
  • HR management.
  • Insurances.
  • WPS – Payroll.

Similarly, payroll is perhaps one of the cornerstones of the HR department, learn about it in our article about payroll and deductions. 

On the other hand, we have 2 decades of successful experience working with businesses all across the UAE; assisting them to achieve their goals.

Would you like to contact ConnectHR to obtain more information about what are the latest trends in HR technology?

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