How agile HR solutions can contribute to developing an effective workplace

agile HR solutions

A lot has changed in the corporate world in 2020. One thing that has not changed is the significance of the staff and its talent in every firm. Connect HR has discovered that firms that manage to transform the mentality of people, have a greater success rate. That is why more and more firms are utilizing agile HR solutions.

In this article, we will learn about how workplaces are getting more effective. We will also discover how HR helps to the creation of an agile workplace. This way you will find out how to optimize your work environment in order to create an optimized company. The topics to be covered in this article are:


  1. What is an agile workplace?
  2. How does a modern agile workplace differ from mechanical organizations?
  3. What are the characteristics of agile workplaces?
  4. How can HR help develop an agile workplace?
  5. Can HR change the mindset of the workforce?
  6. What solutions does HR offer?


1. What is an agile workplace?

The pandemic that has taken place since 2019 has made organizations consider caring for their personnel. Many companies were affected by the mismanagement of these areas and the little relevance gave to personnel since the COVID-19 pandemic. It makes more and more sense to preserve, or enhance, the human capital of the organization via the many departments of the company, such as HR.

But before we go into the issue, let us clarify, what is an agile work area? This refers to work areas where corporations utilize a network of employee-centric teams. The guiding concept of organizations with this network is a strong common goal to produce value along with all their stakeholders.

In this flexible operational model, it is feasible to change strategy, structures, processes, people and technology. These may be adjusted rapidly and effectively to exploit opportunities to develop and retain wealth. In short, an agile workplace offers speed and flexibility to stability. Resulting in the formation of a crucial source of competitive advantage under varied settings.


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1.1 Machine-like organizations

A paradigm is a way of perceiving the world, which lasts until there is no evidence to support it. At this moment, paradigms alter to achieve the integration of new knowledge. That is to say, this is what we see nowadays in businesses. A paradigm change in how corporations seek a balance between stability and dynamism.

If we look at Henry Ford’s period, around the beginning of the past century, a mechanical model evolved. This approach accomplished an unparalleled milestone that maximized worker productivity. This was owing to Frederick Taylor’s hypothesis. In summary, the idea signaled a new age of efficacy and efficiency, owing to the scientific method.

These ideas, for decades, drove corporations to embrace this mechanical approach. And owing to the principles of scientific management, they dominated the market by recruiting the greatest people. So successful was this period, from 1911 to 2011, that it is recognized by many as “The Century of Management”. But this has changed over the years.


1.2 Organizations as living organisms

Since the onset of the digital age in 2011, firms and people are altering the way they operate. Today, firms are devoting their focus to the management of employees. There is a reason for this, and it is because human capital has grown more vital. Thanks to this, organizations are concentrating their devotion to stability and dynamism. Always in support of Human Capital.

Either via agile HR solutions, which we will discuss later or by developing an effective HR department. They develop robust backbone pieces that evolve and enable dynamic capabilities that can react fast to new problems and opportunities. That is why, day after day, more and more firms are abandoning the mechanical approach and choosing for this one.


2. How does a modern agile workplace differ from mechanical organizations?

One of the major challenges for firms is to become truly agile organizations. To achieve this, organizations must update the chip of the mechanical technique. So that the firm can adapt and perform fully to the needs of the digital age. That is why, nowadays, we notice that the mechanical paradigm is shifting in light of organizational developments.

These changes, as we indicated before, are produced by this “digital revolution” that is reshaping businesses, economies, and society. Thus, it is the reason why firms are beginning to attain an agile workplace. But how could firms create an effective workplace in 2022? By following a number of current trends.

Companies need to stay up with proper HR development to establish a productive company. These changes in the structure of corporations are becoming more and more visible. That is why these tendencies make organizations migrate away from the mechanical approach.

This new digital environment is not fit for the mechanical model. Research shows that automated companies are prone to failure. To such a degree that those organizations who adopt this approach, struggle to react to these shifts. That is why we will list four trends that allow you to create an agile workplace.


2.1 Continued introduction of disruptive technologies

Established enterprises are becoming commoditized or displaced by digitalization. Not only that but also by breakthroughs in bioscience, imaginative use of new models, and automation. Developments such as machine learning and robots make the mechanical model highly vulnerable. Which challenges maintaining an effective workplace if the organization fails to react to this trend.


2.2 Accelerating the digitization of information

Thanks to digitization, there is a higher volume, transparency, and diffusion of information. Because of this, firms swiftly engage in multidirectional communication and complicated cooperation with consumers, partners, and colleagues. This is accomplished via numerous agile HR solutions utilized by responsive enterprises.


2.3 Rapidly evolving environment

Demand patterns from all stakeholders are shifting fast, so consumers, partners, and regulators have urgent demands. This desire from all stakeholders in the company implies that there is ongoing change. Something that the mechanical approach cannot keep pace with.


2.4 A constant search for new talent

Knowledge-centered activities and creative learning become increasingly significant. Organizations also require a value offer that distinguishes them in order to hire and retain the top personnel. This skill is made up of employees that are continually learning. Their backgrounds, thinking, composition, and experience tend to be more diversified, and they may have distinct ambitions.


3. What are the characteristics of agile workplaces?

The agility of an organization is a method for the corporation to perform better. It has a unique emphasis on producing value to suit the demands of its stakeholders. Agile management will be the reverse of a plodding, bureaucratic, pachyderm institution.

Agile firms have the capacity to produce value and react to continual change. They prefer to concentrate on identifying basics and product development. In this approach, they address the demands of their consumers as rapidly as feasible.

There are a number of features that today’s enterprises must have. Here are the 5 major traits that a corporation needs.


3.1 Strategy

Focuses the organization’s strategy on value development. Not just for consumers but also workers, investors, partners, or even nearby communities. This enables for better participation of all parties concerned. As well as, in the same manner, a better capacity to recognize demands much quicker.


3.2 Processes

Processes have developed for the better. Previously, they were tiresome and time-consuming, but today they are fast cycles of thinking and action. The adoption of iterative models in project and employee management provides better flexibility to the demands of the setting. And hence, a larger capability for agile HR solutions to the needs received.


3.3 Technology

Technology is a method to ease communication and administration in a dynamic and flexible environment. Every day, new methods for group effort are launched. Whether it is collaborative work as an environment for receiving, organizing, and evaluating information in a perfectly natural manner.


3.4 Structure

Agile businesses are extending the notion of a basic team structure that accepts commands. As a result, nowadays, teams are assigned tasks and work with facilitators for the growth of their activity. To this goal, the following structures are used:


  • Generation of groups of knowledge and skill to exchange know-how.
  • Creation of active collaborations and an environment that extends internal networks and allows the absorption of talent.
  • Implementation of new work environments to achieve increased efficacy in the activity provided by the various teams.
  • Completely horizontal arrangements, minimizing bureaucracy in decision-making.
  • Well-defined and designated roles.
  • Practical governance to bring decision-making as near as feasible to the teams.


3.5 People

We are transitioning from control by command-oriented profiles to accompanying individuals in order to gain higher performance. In the same manner, the rotation of jobs is strengthened to enrich the experiences of people who are part of the organization.

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4. How can HR help develop an agile workplace?

Agile HR solutions may assist your firm to accomplish that aim. Human resources provide several services like recruitment, paperwork, reporting, employee development, etc. Similarly, agile HR systems respond to frequent changes in the company.

Being productive and effective is not simply about having the appropriate language. HR managers may speak about responsibility and teamwork. But, if they are not able to make modifications and engage with teams to produce actual transformation, they are missing the goal. They must establish a really flexible and change-oriented workplace.

Moreover, the incentives of the HR department helping to establish this workforce and work environment are significant. An proper human resource department has a direct effect on the organization’s bottom line and may expect to influence the broader strategic vision. Therefore, they are generally rated at the same level as the persons who manage the line functions.

Moreover, the HR management role in the recruiting and developing of agile and resilient individuals is crucial. In reality, HR may create or manage numerous organizational structures that contribute to agility. In addition, they may aid other departments in the process. Some of the features that agile solutions may give firms include:


  • Create adaptable job descriptions that often alter to match the demands of the company.
  • Consider utilizing a work plan method, so that workers are accountable for managing the operations and goals of their main role
  • Provide chances for workers to collaborate in cross-functional groups, even virtual ones, that solve problems or address a unique chance
  • Create selection, testing, and recruiting criteria that identify diverse and resilient individuals
  • Provide direction that stresses the goal of the role and expectations for agility
  • Create an atmosphere where a variety of ideas, training, and education that build individual capacity and readability are the norm


5. Can HR change the mindset of the workforce?

A company cannot foster and enhance agility when the attitude of workers opposes change. And this resistance only rises as the stress and obstacles linked with external market demands escalate.

In such instances, workers’ survival instincts will kick in, and they will resort to their old ways of thinking, which are virtually always out of sync with the changing needs of the environment. An agile HR department ensures that executives are taught in the attitudes and incorporate the lessons into the programs they build.

HR established a consistent emphasis on generating agility and positioning itself to meet the rising and changing needs of the business. To sum up, this will guarantee that your personnel does not slide back into old, conservative, and restrictive behaviors. That is why provided, it is required to adjust to an unpredictable and changing environment.

If businesses wish to establish a genuinely agile workplace, they must concentrate on and nurture the basic drivers of agility: growth mentality, openness and advocacy.


6. What solutions does HR offer?

HR departments provide a range of services that separate themselves from those common to the department. Therefore, the five conventional tasks of the HR department are Labor Relations, Payroll, Workday, Contract Management, and Training.

With the change to the digital era, agile HR solutions are necessary to bring out the full potential of the firm. That is why, with this application of the new approach, some of these solutions are:


  • Diversity management
  • Work-life balance policies
  • Management by goals
  • Motivation for commitment
  • Competency-based management


7. Connect HR offers you agile HR solutions

An agile company is one that is able to adapt to change (and complexity) swiftly and painlessly owing to its responsive attitude. Its purpose is to make the buyer fall in love. Through small teams, it accomplishes everything that provides value for the consumer. Experimenting, failing, and learning continually.

With agile HR solutions, we can attain these aims. To overcome the current tendencies of the organization, for the success of the firm. That is why Connect HR, with over 20 years of expertise in the UAE, understands precisely what you need. Therefore, a big group of UAE firms endorses us for effective administrative administration.

You may choose among our numerous administrative services, whether it is payroll automation, employee benefits, HRMS, and more! If your firm is still employing the mechanical approach, contact us. We will assist you to make the change to an effective organization that will enable your firm to prosper.

Would you like to contact Connect HR to learn more? For inquiries, feel free to send us an email to [email protected] and one of our representatives will assist you with any questions you may have.

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